VILLA DRAMA Love Island fans slam Matilda and insist she’s ‘stirring the pot’ after Harriett and Ciaran’s bust-up

Harriett was left in tears after a game of Never Have I Ever went wrong.

Matilda was caused of stirring drama after Ciaran and Harriett fell out

Matilda was caused of stirring drama after Ciaran and Harriett fell outCredit: Eroteme

Harriett was left in tears after the game

Harriett was left in tears after the gameCredit: Eroteme
Ciaran accused her of being “two-faced” and said that she was a “second option”.

After she got upset she was whisked away by Matilda and Grace, who consoled her in the dressing room.

Matilda accused Jess and Nicole of not being supportive friends and breaking ‘girl code’.

“I don’t understand how the girls think that’s funny. I don’t know why Nicole and Jess think that’s funny,” she said to Harriett.

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“Are you joking? That’s actually so rude, the girl’s clearly upset, why are you egging it on? Why are you making more jokes about it? Do you know what I mean?” Matilda fumed.

But fans felt that she was the one who was egging the outburst on as she watched the fallout unravel.

“Matilda you literally egged it on,” one fan wrote on X.

“Matilda saying she doesn’t get why Nicole and Jess are laughing is CRAZY?! Was she not laughing or stirring the pot?!?” said another one.

“Matilda is the fakest b**** ever I regret liking her! She was egging him on not the other two,” echoed a third.

The fight all started after Uma Jammeh read out a statement on the card: ‘Never have I ever been two-faced’.

While Jess White, Ronnie Fint and Ciaran all sipped on their drink, Ciaran made it no secret Harriett was his reason for drinking.

In front of the islanders, he said: “People will make comments and then straight after be all nice to me and say, for instance ‘ah you need to be careful with him’ but then ‘ah you’re actually really good Ciaran with her, you treat her so well’.”


He added: “Cut the bull**** that’s Harriett.”

After his initial comments, the atmosphere quickly became cold, sparking tension among the duo.

Harriett replied to Ciaran: “Honestly you’re so immature, it’s actually embarrassing.”

As Harriett attempted to humiliate Ciaran, he clapped back, saying: “I haven’t been second choice like three times in here, so.”

Ronnie then quipped: “She’s first choice now though brother.”

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