Nicki Minaj Praises Eminem’s Lyricism, Puts Him in Her Top 3 Rappers

Nicki Minaj Puts Eminem and Lil Wayne Among Her Top Inspirations, Places Eminem in her Top 3 Rappers

Nicki Minaj Puts Eminem in Her Top 3 Rappers and Inspirations


Nicki Minaj has recently reignited discussions about her admiration for Eminem, declaring him one of her top three favorite rappers.

During a recent Stationhead stream, the rap queen expressed her deep respect for Eminem’s lyrical abilities, emphasizing the impact he has had on her own career.

Nicki began by stating unequivocally:

Eminem is in my Top 3. I have to be honest. Because, people who rap fast and you can clearly hear what they are saying and in addition to that it is a motherf–king punchline or double entendre that you now have to go back and listen again to understand both ways that he said it while saying it one way.”
– Nicki Minaj

She went on to highlight their respective places in hip-hop history, saying:

Eminem and I are the two of the greatest lyricists of all time that are alive, not that I’m putting myself on Eminem’s level because Eminem was in the generation before me and just like Lil Wayne, I would never, ever put myself in the same sentence as them when I know that I was sitting home listening to them.”
– Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj on Eminem: Top 3 and a Major Inspiration

This isn’t the first time Nicki has publicly acknowledged her admiration for Eminem.


A few months ago, she invited him to perform at her Detroit show during her Pink Friday 2 Tour, although the collaboration didn’t come to fruition. Reflecting on this, she mentioned:

I play a couple of my favorite songs, you know who I thought about too? Eminem. I listen to him on ‘Majesty’ with Labrinth, last night and I was like ‘oh, what the f–k!’ Eminem gonna have to come out the house for Pink Friday 2 Tour, I ain’t even going home. I’m going to that.”
– Nicki Minaj



Nicki’s comments underscore the significant influence Eminem has had on her music career and highlight the mutual respect between two of hip-hop’s most celebrated artists.

Her admiration for Eminem’s work is a testament to his lasting impact on the genre and the inspiration he continues to provide to fellow artists.

Nicki Minaj’s recognition of Eminem’s prowess adds another dimension to the ongoing conversation about the greatest rappers of all time, solidifying his place in the upper echelons of hip-hop legends.

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