Love Island fans beg Sean to ‘stop’ as ‘sweet’ chat leaves ITV2 viewers cringing

Love Island fans seem to have grown tired of Sean Stone’s pick up lines as he constantly talks about sweets.

The 24-year-old sweet salesman from Hertford hasn’t had the best of luck since entering the villa earlier this month as he hasn’t yet found a genuine connection. On Thursday’s visit to the Spanish villa (June 20), Sean went on a date with new bombshell Matilda.

But just like his previous chats with the women in the villa, Sean couldn’t help but mention and compare Matilda to a confectionary sweet.

Despite the funny exchange, fans were left cringing. Taking to X, one viewer said: S”ean I beg you stop reference every woman to sweets.”

Another said: “Sean is not cut out for this show. Sweets cannot be the only thing you bring to the table/conversation.”

A third added: “Sean needs to stop with using sweets as his pickup lines.” Another echoed: “Please can they ban Sean from talking about sweets? I’m sick of it!”

Love Island fans are telling Sean to pack it in

Love Island fans are telling Sean to pack it in (Image: ITV)
While a fifth fan thought there could be something more to Sean’s chat and wrote: “You know when you’re on tv you can’t say your business name due to advertising policies but you still want everyone to know you own a business? That’s Sean every single minute of every single day. WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE SWEET LOVE.”

But despite some of the backlash, fans were very hopeful for Sean and new bombshell Matilda. Heading over to X again, viewers shared their opinions.

Fans are supportive of Sean's potential new romance

Fans are supportive of Sean’s potential new romance (Image: ITV)

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