Azealia Banks lashes out on Eminem & Kendrick Lamar AGAIN

Singer and rapper Azealia Banks, who is well-known of her controversial talks, has recently weighed in on J. Cole apologizing to Kendrick Lamar for a diss record and involved Eminem into her rant on Instagram.

“Ya know, a 4’9″ n-gga who can’t do a push up starting beef with everyone he’s jealous of because of his powerful relatives is very soon going to run out of gas. Kendrick’s relatives are eventually going to become tired of being involved in this girly a-s drama. Next time Kendrick pulls one of these, please ask him to come outside. Threatening people’s lives while preaching that all that black royalty s–t is bogus.” said Azealia Banks.





The she continued: “Not to mention, there are slew of white ghostwriters, literally penning these songs about the “black struggle” for Kendrick and tons of other rap n-ggas. Kendrick’s place in the grand scheme is to transform the devastating realities of life in black America from hard foot into a puree for toothless white consumers to feel good about themselves and and like they have made a change because they bought the Kendrick Lamar CD. I’m sorry. I really can’t believe the industry gave me such a hard time for expressing my opinion while these rap n-ggas literally have the girliest beef ever. Like, why don’t you n-ggas figure out who is literally hunting you all and and figure out how the f–k to stay alive instead of this bulls–t. And Kendrick, make some a-s shakers, for f–ks sake, you’ve been short and angry for a decade.”




“You too Eminem… White Male rage has no place in hip-hop. Make an a-s shaker dammit. Eminem really makes school shooter music. We don’t care about your battle with drugs. Sober people got hit by cars too. Like, how did hip-hop really let this white dude get away with lyrics about fantasizing about killing his mother. Like… No. Em belongs in the psych ward. I can’t beleive we s–tted on Vanilla Ice (who is actually swagged the f–k out) to accept Eminem’s weird a-s.” Azealia Banks added.




This is not the first time Azealia attacked Eminem. She went at Eminem in few other occasions. Couple of years ago, she said on Instagram: “Eminem always been annoying and garbage. I can’t, won’t and refuse to consume white male anger in rap form. I’m picking Paul Wall and Bubba Sparxxx over Eminem ANYDAY. Can we also make Eminem’s glorified white male rage a factor in what influences white school shooters lmao… We love to blame black parents and black stars for *what’s wrong with our youth* but really let Em write whole songs about wanting to murder his own mother. We really should blame Eminem for everything.”

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