Rob Kardashian: Where is he now? The Truth Behind His DISAPPEARANCE From The Kardashians!!!

Rob Kardashian: Where is he now?

The Truth Behind Rob Kardashian's Disappearance From Reality Royalty


Rob Kardashian has been absent from the public eye for a while now, leading to speculation about his whereabouts and well-being. Here’s what we know about the former reality star and businessman.


Reasons for his absence

There are a number of possible reasons for Rob Kardashian’s absence from the spotlight. Some speculate that he is simply uncomfortable with the Kardashian lifestyle and fame. Others believe that he is struggling with his weight and body image, and that the negative publicity he has received in the past has taken a toll on his mental health. Still others believe that he is dealing with legal or financial difficulties. It is also possible that he is simply enjoying some privacy away from the cameras.

What we know about his current life

Despite the rumors, there have been a few glimpses of Rob Kardashian’s life in recent months. He reportedly lives in a house that was previously owned by his mother, Kris Jenner. He also maintains a close relationship with his daughter, Dream, and is sometimes seen with her at family events. In addition, he made a brief phone call appearance on the new Kardashians show.

The Blac Chyna controversy


In 2017, Rob Kardashian was involved in a very public and messy relationship with model Blac Chyna. The two got engaged and had a daughter together, but their relationship quickly fell apart. Kardashian then posted revenge porn of Chyna on social media, which led to him being banned from Instagram. The two have been engaged in a bitter legal battle ever since.

Where is Rob Kardashian now?

It is unclear what Rob Kardashian is up to these days. He is not on social media and he rarely makes public appearances. However, it is clear that he is still close to his daughter, Dream. It is also possible that he is working on business ventures behind the scenes.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Rob Kardashian. But for now, he seems content to live a quiet life out of the spotlight.

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