Denzel Washington CRITICIZING Winfrey for her treatment of black actors in Hollywood !!!! – Full video below

Denzel Washington has stepped into the ongoing dispute between Taraji P. Henson and Oprah Winfrey, criticizing Winfrey for her treatment of black actors in Hollywood.



This latest addition to the conversation follows similar remarks made by rapper 50 Cent and sheds light on broader issues of representation and inequality in the industry.



Washington’s criticism of Winfrey centers on his belief that she is exploiting black actors for her own gain, referring to her as a “Hollywood puppet” who builds her billion-dollar empire on their backs and then abandons them.

These accusations are not new, as Washington has been vocal about his concerns regarding Winfrey’s approach for years.


The dispute gained momentum when Taraji P. Henson publicly called out Winfrey for what she perceived as being shortchanged in the new adaptation of ‘The Color Purple.’

Henson’s criticism highlights a broader theme of disparities faced by black professionals in Hollywood, particularly in terms of pay gaps and opportunities compared to their white counterparts.

Henson’s critique extends beyond individual grievances, emphasizing the larger systemic challenges within the entertainment industry and contrasting the wealth and influence of black billionaires like Winfrey with figures like Jeff Bezos, highlighting the uphill battle faced by black actors and professionals in Tinseltown.


The emergence of these controversies underscores deep-seated issues of inequality and representation that persist across various fields, emphasizing the importance of addressing systemic barriers faced by black professionals in Hollywood and beyond.

As voices like Denzel Washington and Taraji P.

Henson continue to speak out, the conversation around diversity, equity, and inclusion in the entertainment industry gains further traction, sparking discussions and calls for meaningful change.

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