*Wolverine’s Heartbreaking Origin Story in the Comics Can be the Perfect Reboot for X-Men in MCU After ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’

Wolverine’s Heartbreaking Origin Story in the Comics Can be the Perfect Reboot for X-Men in MCU After ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’

The MCU’s potential adaptation of Wolverine’s origin story could offer a darker, more faithful narrative leading into Avengers: Secret Wars.

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The MCU may reboot X-Men with a comic-accurate Wolverine origin story before Avengers: Secret Wars.
Wolverine’s tragic backstory involves his real name James Howlett and a violent family history leading to his mutation.

The superhero live-action phase for Marvel Comics began in the true sense, with 2000’s X-Men by Bryan Singer. Adapting to life the popular group from the printed pages of comics, the flick gave a major emphasis to the character of Wolverine aka Logan because of his reigning popularity. Rather, fans were so accustomed to the clawed and amnesiac mutant that almost every subsequent movie featured him or referenced him, barring a few.

Yet, none captured the true essence and depth of a pain that began from a very early age in his life and is essentially his origin.
Hugh Jackman thinking as Wolverine in X-Men (2000)Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X-Men (2000) | Marvel Entertainment

The upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine movie is set to bring back Hugh Jackman in his iconic role, bringing him out of retirement. However, reports indicate that he, along with the X-Men, will rather make a full-fledged entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and even play a leading role in the heavily anticipated Avengers: Secret Wars outing. Yet, only hints have surfaced so far as to how that would play out.

Given Marvel Studios’ newfound thirst for a better creative direction, it will be looking to set new highs for the awaited intro, and a comic-accurate origin story might just be its best bet yet.

The gut-wrenching Wolverine origin story from the comics

Fox’s X-Men universe left out a chunk of faithfulness to the comics by omitting key details. As per Wolverine: The Origin (2001) #1 comic book edition, the character is originally named James Howlett, born to wealthy Canadian farm owners, John and Elizabeth Howlett, who also hired a playmate named Rose for him. Things take a tragic turn because of their groundskeeper, Thomas Logan.
Wolverine aka Logan screaming after accidentally killing his father in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Wolverine accidentally kills his father in X-Men Origins: Wolverine | Marvel Entertainment
The latter was at one time fired because of violent behavior showcased by his son, Dog. One day, he returned to convince Elizabeth Howlett to get away with him. Yet, upon being caught red-handed by John, Thomas kills him. Witnessing all of this activates James’ mutation and, in self-defense, he kills the staffer but also gets to know the bitter truth that he is his illegitimate son.

Thereafter, his mother kills herself and the then 13-year-old kid flees away with Rose to a stone quarry. Moreover, his healing abilities get rid of his PTSD by kicking in amnesia. Unaware of his true self, his playmate names him Logan. Thus, the once happy child goes on to fight wars alongside the likes of Captain America before coming in contact with the Weapon X program, getting adamantium claws, and finally joining the X-Men.

Why Marvel Studios may adapt this storyline for its universe

A still of Hugh Jackman angry as Wolverine in Deadpool & WolverineA still of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Deadpool & Wolverine | Marvel Entertainment
A trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine featured a conversation between the two titular mutants where Ryan Reynolds’ character mentions the impending loss of his family to the one played by Hugh Jackman before adding,

Is that what you said when your world when to sh*t?

A gloomy camera pan then highlights Wolverine falling to his knees in deep regret. The sequence of events predicts that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading for a dark, somber, and more comic-accurate adaptation of the character’s origins, which will probably adapt the James Howlett origin arc before proceeding to an, even more, grittier conclusion.

The sequence from the trailer hints that the Kevin Feige-led team may also focus on the Old Man Logan comic book storyline. In this issue, Mysterio leads Wolverine into killing all the X-Men, hence the ominous line from Mr. Paradox claiming “This Wolverine let down his entire world”, setting the stage for a retribution arc ahead of Avengers: Secret Wars

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