*Wolverine Fighting Galactus Sounds Funny Until You Learn About the Dark Story of Marvel Zombies Mercilessly Killing Silver Surfer to Beat Galactus

Wolverine Fighting Galactus Sounds Funny Until You Learn About the Dark Story of Marvel Zombies Mercilessly Killing Silver Surfer to Beat Galactus

Wolverine was able to finally defeat Galactus in Marvel Zombies.

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Wolverine looked ridiculous trying to fight Galactus in Marvel Ultimate Alliance.
The mutant has never defeated the World Devourer except in Marvel Zombies.

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Wolverine going up against Galactus is something fans would never expect to see, but the famed mutant with adamantium claws actually did some work when he went toe to toe against the cosmic being.


galactusGalactus / Marvel Comics

Galactus is not easy to defeat, and that’s already obvious proof given how powerful he is, and he was rarely defeated by anyone without the power of a god. So, what’s Wolverine got that made him face the colossal entity?

This Is How Wolverine Defeated Galactus

In Wolverine Volume 2 #133-138, Wolverine was sent to space by an alien who needed his aid in defeating Galactus. As expected, he was not able to beat him but he managed to survive.


WolverineWolverine / Marvel Comics
In a clip from Marvel Ultimate Alliance posted on Twitter, Wolverine is seen getting hurled by The Thing into the air toward Galactus. Whatever plan he has at the time, attempting to scratch Galactus and hoping he would get fatally wounded, is quite very funny to watch.


But that’s not the only time Wolverine got so close to Galactus. There’s another version where the villain actually gets defeated with the help of Logan. If the Wolverine of the 616 Universe failed to accomplish the mission, the Marvel Zombies Wolverine made up for it.


A post from Reddit explained how Galactus was defeated by having the Hulk bite off the Silver Surfer’s head, thus killing him and giving the rest of the body for the zombies to eat.

This lets them absorb the power cosmic. This gave them the power to be able to digest and eat Galactus. It mostly came down to the more intelligent Marvel Zombies such as Reed to use a weapon capable of incapacitating Galactus and allowing them the chance to devour him.

So, Wolverine worked with a team to kill off the Silver Surfer, an ally and herald of Galactus, to be able to have the capacity to eat the World Devourer. It does not seem funny at all now after Wolverine attempted to claw at Galactus in Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Marvel Zombies Is In The Works At Marvel Studios

marvel zombiesMarvel Zombies / Marvel Comics
Marvel Studios’ Head of Streaming, Television, and Animation Brad Winderbaum has previously announced that they are gearing up for a “pretty intense” animated project that is Marvel Zombies. He shared via IGN that it’s going to be very graphic.


In terms of more mature animation, yeah, we’re making a Marvel Zombies show right now that is pretty intense that’s for sure a TV-MA show.

At the San Diego Comic-Con Marvel’s animation panel in 2022, they revealed that the continuation of What If…? will come in the form of Marvel Zombies, a miniseries inspired by the five-issue limited comic series of the same title.

Winderbaum remarked that they will try to honor the comics, and the great thing about the source material is that it doesn’t pull its punches. “That’s certainly what we’re going for on that project also,” he promised fans.

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