What did Caitlin Clark have to say about the deal that puts her in the same league as Michael Jordan?

Clark’s excitement over Wilson collaboration: “Everyone can enjoy”

Caitlin Clark recently signed a multimillion dollar deal with Wilson.

Caitlin Clark recently signed a multimillion dollar deal with Wilson.Instagram @caitlinclark22


Indiana Fever rookie Caitlin Clark is absolutely thrilled about her latest business venture, which puts her in the same league as NBA legend Michael Jordan. In a recent move that made headlines, Clark signed a multi-year deal with Wilson to become its ambassador and launch her own signature basketball collection. This groundbreaking partnership makes her the first athlete to do so since Jordan’s iconic collaboration with the brand in the 1980s.

In an interview with Boardroom, Clark expressed her gratitude for the opportunity and acknowledged the significance of the deal for women’s basketball. “They haven’t done a collaboration like this since Michael Jordan … I’m just grateful,” she shared. The young star recognizes the honor bestowed upon her and is excited about the impact it will have on the sport.

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Clark is particularly looking forward to the prospect of her fans, especially young girls, getting their hands on her basketball collection. She emphasized the personal significance of this opportunity, reflecting on her own childhood experiences with basketball.

“I feel like I was just that young kid who had those basketballs that I would store in the garage. I’m just very lucky and fortunate to partner with Wilson to create something that everyone can enjoy,” she added. The connection she hopes to establish with fans through her collection is truly special to her.

Caitlin Clark wants to inspire young fans

The Indiana Fever guard also highlighted the generational appeal of her collaboration with Wilson, expressing her excitement at the thought of seeing kids walking around with her basketballs. “It connects with a lot of generations, and it’ll be fun to see kids walking around holding them,” she further explained.

Despite the Fever’s challenges on the court, Clark has been a driving force in elevating the profile of the WNBA and women’s basketball as a whole. Her impact extends beyond her performance on the court, as she continues to open doors and create opportunities for women in sports. While she may be a newcomer to the professional basketball scene, her influence as a trendsetter and trailblazer is undeniable.

In a league where women’s basketball players have historically faced limited opportunities for endorsement deals and recognition, Clark’s groundbreaking collaboration with Wilson is a significant step forward. As she continues to make strides in her career, her dedication to empowering the next generation of female athletes is truly inspiring.

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