Washington Commanders’ New Ownership Group Announces Major Decision On Possible Name Change

Washington Commanders’ New Ownership Group Announces Major Decision On Possible Name Change

Dan Quinn at his introductory press conference for the Commanders

Washington Commanders head coach Dan Quinn (via Getty Images)
The Washington Commanders, after having one of the more active off-seasons in the NFL, are one of the favorites for teams to watch during the upcoming 2024 NFL season. As we continue through the offseason, there are many more reasons to keep an eye on the team.

While the team did have the second overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, where they took LSU product Jayden Daniels, their rookie quarterback isn’t the only reason they’re making headlines, as the team has reportedly made a significant brand decision.

Josh Harris’ lead has come with some watchful eyes after he bought the bleeding franchise from Dan Schneider in 2023, and fans have been keeping an eye on whether or not Harris decides to change the team’s name.

According to owner Marjorie Harris, Josh’s wife, the ownership group isn’t apprehensive about their name right now. They are focused on the infield and stadium issues since the Commanders have the worst NFL stadium.

The Washington Commanders Won’t Change Their Name Any Time Soon

Harris also noted that when she’s had time to talk with the team’s fans, they seem to have all gotten pretty accustomed to calling them by their current name, which is most likely a positive sign for the franchise’s future.

After much deliberation, fans can finally put the rumors of a possible name change to bed after the owner’s comments. For fans who like the name, this is excellent news. Fans won’t have to buy new jerseys anytime soon.

Now for the more critical issues at hand. After struggling the last few under former head coach Ron Rivera, Washington should be slightly more competitive this season. With Dan Quinn and Jayden Daniels leading the charge, the team looks poised to succeed. Now, they need a better stadium to do so.

Travis Kelce Has A Specific Role In Mind

While Travis Kelce knocked the conjecture suggesting he will be a part of the upcoming movie, he did tease that conspiracy theories could come true.

“Obviously been a huge fan of ‘the Sandman,’ but yes, this is exactly what it says it is: a conspiracy theory,” he said. “Who knows? Theories can come true. Theories can be true and just people don’t know about it. So I might even be in the talking [for the film] and nobody knows about it. But I could also not be in the talking so…”

He also discussed the roles he could play, and it seemed like they settled on Shooter McGavin’s caddie if he had one, although the Bob Barker role seemed a good fit too.

“I did just do a game show,” he added. “Maybe play the Bob Barker role?”

Jason didn’t think he could pull it off, though. “You’re not Bob Barker,” he asserted.

“Like I said,” Travis noted. “I’ll do anything in the movie. I’ll be a part of it any way I can.”

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