VIDEO: Social Media Rips LeBron James After Clip Of Lakers Star Raving About Diddy’s Parties Resurfaces Online

Photo of LeBron James in Lakers uniform and still of LeBron James on call with Diddy
LeBron James is getting slammed online amid the disturbing Sean “Diddy” Combs scandal.

It appears Diddy has nearly reached the end of his rope as his houses in Los Angeles in Miami were raided by Homeland Security on Monday. The rapper is believed to be the focus of a sex trafficking case on the back of several accusations that have surfaced in recent months.

Diddy is famous for throwing wild parties and it is alleged that he partakes in certain lewd acts when he puts one together.

The Los Angeles Lakers star has a very good relationship with the Bad Boys Records founder and has been one of the many celebrity guests at his shindigs.

A video of him raving about said parties has resurfaced online and is going viral on the back of the latest developments surrounding the hip-hop mogul.

You can check it out below:

The video has unsurprisingly drawn jokes and criticism, some of which can be seen here:

LeBron James’ Son May Have Taken One Of Diddy’s Daughters To His Homecoming Dance

As noted above, LeBron James and Diddy are quite close. They are cordial to the point where James’ youngest son, Bryce appeared to take one of the rapper’s daughters to his homecoming dance, per the Daily Mail.

Bryce attends Sierra Canyon High School, where Diddy’s twin daughters Jessie and D’Lila are cheerleaders, and was seen posing for a photo with both of them, as well as sophomore quarterback Nicolas Johnson last October.

It looked as if they went to the dance together though it wasn’t confirmed.

While Diddy appears to be in some trouble, LBJ has his own legacy to think about as the Lakers are in danger of missing the playoffs after winning the inaugural NBA in-season tournament earlier in the season.

The Lakers are ninth in the Western Conference and would be in the play-in if the regular season ended today. Still, they risk being left out of the postseason if form continues to desert them.

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