VIDEO: Shannon Sharpe Suffered Humiliating Burn After Trying To Shoot His Shot At Molly Qerim On Live Television

VIDEO: Shannon Sharpe Suffered Humiliating Burn After Trying To Shoot His Shot At Molly Qerim On Live Television

Molly Qerim and Shannon Sharpe on First Take

Molly Qerim and Shannon Sharpe (Photo via @awfulannouncing/X)
Shannon Sharpe sort of got curved by Molly Qerim during ‘First Take’ this week.

The former NFL tight end has brought a different dynamic to the show, having joined ESPN following his departure from FS1’s ‘Undisputed.’

He’s also joined Stephen A. Smith in trying to troll Molly several times, but his latest attempt didn’t go as well as he expected.

Molly apparently told Shannon she would work out with him during his early days on the show but has yet to do so.

The conversation segued into Unc shooting a bit of a shot after Qerim revealed she doesn’t drink alcohol. Shannon claimed she also doesn’t work out and criticized whatever she considers exercise.

Stephen A. wisely stayed out of that one.

“You been saying for the last year Molly, ‘Oh Shannon we gotta get a workout together. Oh, Shannon we gotta do this’. I hadn’t heard you call me yet,” Sharpe said.

“Alright Shannon, I’ll leave you with this. Some people like their haircuts high and tight, some people’s bodies are that way,” she shot back.

Check out the post below:

We have to assume Shannon will never get that workout with Molly. His strict regimen appears to have scared her off.

Was Shannon Sharpe trying Something?

Fans couldn’t help but notice that Shay Shay may have been after something else.

“I think Unc like Molly,” a user wrote.

“bro what is this show anymore lmao,” quipped another.

“Molly’s been on FT for 9 years and SAS doesn’t even know she doesn’t drink,” a third pointed out.

“gets so much unwarranted shade from these two, she deserves mad props for being able to moderate this show every day and not need to drink after,” a fan joked. “I could never.”

Check out some more reactions here:

Tough luck, Unc…

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