VIDEO: Nick Saban’s Daughter, Kristen Saban, Goes Viral At The Beach Following Affair Allegations

Nick Saban's daughter having a drink at dinner.Kristen Saban (Photo via @kristennsaban/Instagram)

Kristen Saban, the daughter of former Alabama coach Nick Saban, is well-known in college athletics circles for her passionate devotion to the Crimson Tide and other Bama-related activities.

Nick Saban's Daughter Reveals Her 'Overwhelming' Reaction

She was recently entangled in a scandal involving country music artist and former “Bachelorette” contestant James McCoy Taylor, who claimed a romantic involvement between the two in a lengthy Instagram post.

Kristen would soon delete her account and Instagram accounts in response before ultimately returning.

Taylor explained the length of the alleged affair in the post, saying he didn’t know Kristen Saban was married when he flew to Birmingham a few weeks before the Alabama A-Day.

During the visit, he claimed, he was being blackmailed with images of the couple in Tuscaloosa, and the blackmailers threatened to send them to TMZ. He wrote that he made the decision to come out in order to stop the threats.

Earlier this week, Kristen Saban took to her Instagram and posted a video of herself on the beach as she walked into the ocean. She only went in about ankle-high before she turned around and ran back to the camera.

“Tough kid,” Saban wrote in her Instagram caption.

Kristen took the brief video while she was in Jupiter, Florida. Channeling her inner Swiftie, she chose Taylor Swift’s song “I can do it with a broken heart” from her most recent album, The Tortured Poets Department.

Kristen Saban Takes Mental Break From Social Media After Viral Scandal

Kristen Saban (Photo via KristenSaban/Instagram)
Kristen Saban is slowly making her way back to social media after a controversy erupted with country singer James Taylor, involving an alleged affair and blackmail allegations.

James McCoy Taylor said he not only flew to see Kristen but also proved it by sharing a photo of the couple kissing.

He claims he was being blackmailed with those photos.

“Someone got these pictures and is blackmailing me saying if I don’t pay them X amount of money they’ll send these pics to TMZ and the news etc. and tell them I’m a cheater and a home-wrecker going to meet married women and a liar etc.… they claim there are more pics and I wouldn’t believe them except for the fact that they knew we went to Innisfree one night and told me exactly where we were in there and what we were wearing,” Taylor wrote on Instagram. “Tomorrow’s my deadline to decide so I started consolidating some cash to pay, I thought about doing nothing and calling his/her bluff… I thought about a lot but decided to go the Eminem route and call myself out on my terms with the truth instead of letting someone else twist it.”

Days later, he decided to double down on his claims of having an affair with Kristen Saban by sharing yet another intimate picture of her on his Instagram story while claiming there’ll be “fireworks” if people don’t stop flooding his mentions.

Kristen has remained quiet about the situation, likely choosing silence so the allegations will go away.

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