VIDEO: Kylie Kelce Warned Fans Long Before Her Confrontation With Obnoxious Photo-Seeking Woman On The Jersey Shore

Kylie Kelce confronting a fan and Kylie speaking on a podcast.Kylie Kelce (Photos via Twitter and YouTube)

Nearly every NFL fan who hasn’t lived under a rock for the last decade knows who Jason and Travis Kelce are. Not only are the two brothers superstars, but their other halves, Taylor Swift and Kylie Kelce, have garnered much attention.

Who is Jason Kelce's Wife, Kylie Kelce? Inside Their Relationship

Kylie recently made headlines over Memorial Day weekend after she got into a fight with an unhinged fan while she and the elder Kelce were on a date, and it seems as though she was not very happy with the situation.

Many people may not know that Kelce is a former college athlete who stands 5-foot-11. Even though she is relatively small, the 31-year-old proved she is not one to be pushed around after the viral incident in Margate. This was even foreshadowed in a podcast she did about eight months ago.

Margate, NJ mayor issues apology to Jason, Kylie Kelce

In the episode she did with her husband Jason and brother-in-law Travis on the New Heights podcast back in September of 2023, she essentially said that she has no fear of standing her ground when it comes to anyone messing with her or her man.


Kylie Kelce Gets In Fan’s Face After Declining A Photo Op

The lady who asked the Kelces for a photo was just an example of what Kylie could possibly do if the occasion calls for it. Let’s just point out that anyone who decides to get in her way should be terrified of what she can do.

Kylie, all dressed up and wearing heels, got in the woman’s face and completely ripped her a new one after the disrespect shown to her and her husband that evening and everyone sided with her.

After all is said and done, we can all agree that any of the Kelces or their wives and girlfriends are not to be messed with. Not only will we have to deal with them, there’s a fan base of millions behind them as well.

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