VIDEO: Kay Adams Causes Major Stir After Talking About Gentlemen’s Club In Green Bay On Her Show

VIDEO: Kay Adams Causes Major Stir After Talking About Gentlemen’s Club In Green Bay On Her Show

Kay Adams on ESPN show

Kay Adams (via Up & Adams)
Kay Adams is not from Wisconsin, but she is taking up for Green Bay in a way that no Cincinnati Bengals fan has ever had before.

The Green Bay Packers won’t be opening the 2024 NFL season at home at Lambeau Field, and many of the fans are not happy about losing a home game after they found out their first game of the year will be in São Paulo to face the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 1 in the NFL’s first game in Brazil.

Football show host Kay Adams in images - Yahoo Sports

The Eagles had already been named as one of the participating teams for months, with the Packers and the Cleveland Browns vying for the other spot.

On Up & Adams Show with Kay Adams, the famous sports analyst was in the midst of speaking about the game when she asked Eric Wielochowski, the show’s segment producer, if the game counted as a home or away game for the Packers. He verified that it was indeed a home game but stated he was not upset about it, and neither were the fans.

However, he made Adams go into protection mode when he stated there was nothing to do in Green Bay and Brazil was the best.

“Do they have a Piggly Wiggly in Brazil, Adams fired back.

She continued, “Do they have a strip club called the Oval Office in Brazil? They have one in Green Bay,” stated Kay Adams before getting back on topic.

Kay Adams is From Chicago But Cheers For The Cincinnati Bengals

Kay Adams (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images for Netflix © 2023)
Adams revealed last year on the ManningCast that she was once a Chicago Bears but quickly switched her allegiance to the Bengals after the team emerged with Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase.

“You know, Chicago fans are not happy with me,” Adams stated, via “But, you know, Eli used a relationship metaphor earlier in the broadcast, and it’s been the same old story since before I was born in Chicago. Things got a little stale, I was looking for a warm embrace and I fell into the arms of a beautiful new love before the 2021 season. With Burrow and Chase, I didn’t really understand why everyone wasn’t hopping on board what was going on there. And then it was a ride to the Super Bowl, which they’re trying to get back to and win. Maybe with this guy (Jake Browning), the most improved quarterback I’ve ever seen through seven days.”

As for the new direction of the Bears, no one knows if Kay Adams is going to stay put with the Bengals or go back to her hometown team after they draft Caleb Williams.

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