Someone Asked Adult Film Stars Which NFL And NBA Players They’ve Had S3x With And They All Named The Same Team (VIDEO).

Someone Asked Adult Film Stars Which NFL And NBA Players They’ve Had S#x With And They All Named The Same Team (VIDEO)

It should not be shocking that athletes would be in the messages of s*xy women, and it doesn’t matter what that woman does for a living, the men will come calling.

During a recent pornstar event, one lady claims she had a lot of NFL players in her dm’s, but she stated it was an NBA player who she ultimately slept with. She would not reveal the name but stated the player was on the Lakers’ roster.

“…I’ve had a lot of NFL players in my DMs. i have had s*x with an NBA player and it was 10 stars.

“Do we get to say the team or..?”

“Lakers,” she responded.


The next girl also claimed to have a Lakers player in her dms as well.

Naturally, everybody is going to go with the most popular players on the team, but there is no way of actually knowing unless these girls decided to expose the guys on the team. If they are single, then it won’t be anything to expose. If they have a girl or are married, then things can get really bad for them at home.

Two Porno Stars Admit They Had Sex With The Members Of The Los Angeles Lakers: "It Was 10 Stars" - Fadeaway World

VIDEO: Stephen A. Smith Drops Bombshell Candidate For Los Angeles Lakers Head Coaching Vacancy

Los Angeles Lakers, Stephen A. Smith Monty WilliamsStephen A. Smith, Los Angeles Lakers (Image Credits: Getty Images)
In a recent episode of the show “First Take,” host Stephen A. Smith suggested a new name for the head coaching position of the Los Angeles Lakers. Smith believes that Monty Williams should “definitely” be considered as a candidate for the Lakers’ head coaching position. He also noted that despite the hype around JJ Redick, Williams could be a better candidate for the Lakers to consider.

“I know we’ve been talking a lot about JJ Reddick, but with Monty Williams available, that is a situation that the Los Angeles Lakers should look at, okay? So I would definitely say that as well. They should look at it.” Smith said.

Stephen A. Smith Expressed His Respect for the Los Angeles Lakers

Smith expressed his affection for Jeannie Buss, the Lakers owner, and showed his admiration for Rob Pelinka, the general manager, and Kurt Rambis, the basketball adviser. Smith suggested that all three Lakers officials should consider Williams a candidate for the head coaching position.

“Obviously, Jeannie Buss, you know how much I love Jeannie Buss. I’m rooting for her to find the right person for the job. Respect Rob Pelinka and what he’s going to do, you know, and yes, I respect Kurt Rambis too. I was joking around about him earlier, but I respect him too. So listen, they’re all going to be a part of the process, and we’ll see what happens. And, you know, I think Monty Williams definitely should be a candidate for that job.” Smith added.

After being eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by the Denver Nuggets, the Lakers decided to make some changes to improve the team. They started by firing all of the coaches, including head coach Darvin Ham. Following this action, the Lakers began searching for a potential candidate to lead the team in the next season. The first rumored candidate was Redick, possibly due to his podcast with star player LeBron James. The second speculated candidate was Dan Hurley, who later changed his mind and chose to stay with UConn.

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