Shams Charania And Kay Adams Unashamedly Flirt On Live TV (VIDEO)

Shams Charania And Kay Adams Unashamedly Flirt On Live TV (VIDEO)

Kay Adams and Shams Charania appearing to flirt with each other

Shams Charania and Kay Adams seem to have a thing for each other.

The two reporters are always good entertainment when they get together to talk sports, mostly because they end up getting flirty.

Charania and Adams got viewers suspicious during a conversation they had on the latter’s FanDuel show in November, with Kay joking about having kids with Shams. They were at it again in December when she said it appeared as if she was shooting her shot at the popular NBA insider.


This week may have been third time lucky for the pair. But, this time, it was Shams who made the move, intimating that he and Adams have a lot in common.

“We’re both from Chicago, we’re both Aries, you’re a Missouri grad, that was in my top 3, I just didn’t go to Missouri,” he said. “Your parents are immigrants, my parents are immigrants. I just wanted to say, you get your flowers, just everything you’ve built, I have a lot of respect, I know yesterday was Women in Sports Day, so congrats on everything you’ve done and keep building.”

The smitten sportscaster put her hands over her heart. “Shams!” she said with a smile. “That is the sweetest thing that I’ve ever heard.”

Charania said he wanted to ensure his female counterpart got enough love on Women in Sports Day.

“I didn’t get enough love,” Kay replied. “But now I did. Now I feel very loved and you are just, you are amazing.”

Not gonna lie, we’re really hoping they hook up now…

LaMelo Ball’s Girlfriend Ana Montana Addresses Accusations Of Her Being Involved In A Prostitution Ring

A photo of Ana Mntana posing near a pool and a photo of Lamelo Ball during a game
LaMelo Ball’s girlfriend Ana Montana has addressed claims of her being part of a prostitution ring.

The Instagram model, 33, is 12 years older than the Charlotte Hornets guard and, if social media is to be believed, they’ve been together for nearly two years (since February of 2021).

While neither LaMelo nor Ana have put out any photos of them together, they have been posting about each other on their social media accounts and commenting on each other’s uploads.

As noted by, Ana has had to defend herself in some comments after the internet accused her of being involved with a prostitution ring. Apparently, some people believe the model was part of a group who traveled to Dubai for some activities that you would not want to bring up on a Sunday.

One person in the comments asked Ana if she was involved in a “portapotty thing.”

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