“Screwed This Up So Badly”- Charles Barkley Blasts “Clown” TNT Management for Loss of NBA Rights

Charles Barkley Blasts TNT ManagementCharles Barkley (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for American Express)

Charles Barkley and the crew of “Inside The NBA” are synonymous with game days. The show has been intertwined with NBA fixtures over the years, but that will soon come to an end.


On Wednesday, reports started coming out indicating the NBA’s broadcasting deal finalization with Disney, NBC and Amazon is at its conclusive stages. This means, starting from the 2025-26 season, TNT will no longer have the rights to telecast NBA games. This led Charles Barkley to blast his employers on a recent episode of “The Dan Patrick Show” over their handling of the deal.

“Morale sucks. Plain and simple. The people I work with screwed this up so badly,” said the former Sixers forward. He further added, “We have zero idea what’s gonna happen. I don’t feel good, I’m not gonna lie — especially when they came out and said we bought college football. I was like, ‘Well damn, they could’ve used that money to buy the NBA.’”


Barkley’s rant didn’t stop there. “These clowns I work for, they turned us into Ripple and Boone’s Farm and Thunderbird. Like, we got the best studio show — and it’s funny [because] we just won the best studio show [at the Sports Emmys] — but these fools turned us from Inglenook and Opus into damn Boone’s Farm and Ripple. It’s crazy,” said Chuck to express his frustration over the damning situation.

With the announcement of the formalization of the deal being a matter of time, “Inside The NBA” is certain to be doomed. But that will not stop Barkley from keeping the band together.

Charles Barkley Would Love to Reboot “Inside the NBA”

“Inside The NBA” is regarded as one of the best basketball talk shows, if not the best. For decades, it has been entertaining the fans with the four musketeers: Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, Ernie Johnson, and Kenny Smith. Shaquille O’Neal’s recent absence has already caused a stir among the fans and, since the show is heading for cancelation, there’s more unrest surrounding it.

But things can change for the better if the crew sticks together and Charles Barkley certainly is all in for it. “Well, I’ve talked to the guys about everybody signing with my production company,” said Barkley, “Because I have my own production company, and I would love to do that if we lose it.”

Ernie Johnson might not move due to his long-standing allegiance with TNT, but the other two might be open to the idea. Adam Silver might even consider bringing the crew to NBC as it is the crowning jewel of their broadcasting feature. As of now, there’s no confirmation from any end, so we’ll just have to wait till things play out on their own.

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