REPORT: Miami Heat And Los Angeles Lakers Are Eyeing Massive Blockbuster Trade Ahead Of The NBA Draft

REPORT: Miami Heat And Los Angeles Lakers Are Eyeing Massive Blockbuster Trade Ahead Of The NBA Draft

Los Angeles Lakers' Anthony Davis and Miami Heat's Jimmy Butler look on during their respective games.

Los Angeles Lakers’ Anthony Davis and Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler (Photos via Getty Images)
According to recent reports by an NBA insider for HoopsWire Sam Amico, the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers are interested in trading into the top five.

“One league source told Hoops Wire last week that he envisions the Lakers and Heat making a strong play for a top-five pick. Also, the Memphis Grizzlies hold the No. 9 overall pick and could be among those exploring the idea of moving down. Some feel that in this draft, there won’t be much of a difference in upside between, say, the Nos. 9 and 20 selections.” Amico wrote.

Lakers Are Making Tough Decisions After the Elimination

With the 17th overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft, the Lakers may consider adding a highly skilled player who can match the level of star players LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The Miami Heat currently hold the 15th overall pick in the first round, and moving up in the draft could improve their chances of selecting a player who can enhance their roster and help them dominate in the next season.

The Heat is aiming to make a comeback and reach the NBA Finals after being eliminated in the first round of the playoffs in 2023-24. On the other hand, the Lakers were forced to make tough decisions after their early elimination in the playoffs against the Denver Nuggets.

They started by firing the entire coaching staff, including head coach Darvin Ham, and began their search for a potential replacement, with JJ Redick rumored to be the frontrunner for the position. Additionally, the Lakers were keen on retaining their star player, LeBron James, for the next season.

However, there is increased speculation about the Lakers being interested in adding Bronny James to the roster, as James was seen working out with the team.

The NBA Draft is scheduled for June 26-27, 2024.

NBA Analyst Reveals Black Coaches’ Frustration With Lebron James and JJ Redick’s Podcast Timing Amid Darvin Ham Lakers Exit

LeBron James, JJ Redick, Darvin HamLeBron James, JJ Redick, Darvin Ham (Image Credits: X and Getty Images)
In a recent episode of the show First Take, the host, Stephen A. Smith, shared his thoughts on the timing of the podcast Mind the Game, hosted by Los Angeles Lakers star player LeBron James and JJ Redick. Smith mentioned that some black coaches are concerned about Redick doing a podcast with James.

“Numerous coaches, Black coaches called me, expressing how they took issue with that podcast taking place. And I think you know enough to know that that’s true. Some of them felt very salty about that.” Smith said.

Smith mentioned that he celebrated when the news came about the podcast, but fans began questioning Darvin Ham when the podcast gained viewers. He also mentioned Anthony Davis’ statement on the same topic.

“In fairness to LeBron James, when the news came out – hell, we celebrated it right here on the show. But as the podcast gained steam and then the spotlight became more magnified for Darvin Ham, and then you saw Anthony Davis after Game 2 against Denver talk about how…‘we just weren’t on the same page, we just seemed to be out of sync.’ We saw all these things.” Smith added.

Smith Drops Bombshell Details on LeBron James and JJ Redick Redick Show

Smith spilled some important facts about the timing of the show and Ham. He mentioned that James couldn’t have started the show in the playoffs.

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