“Reasons Why I Am Single”- Kevin Durant Uploaded a List of His Problems

Kevin Durant, Phoenix SunsKevin Durant (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Kevin Durant, a star player for the Phoenix Suns, has recently become more active on his social media accounts. The power forward of the Phoenix Suns uploads arguable posts that catch the eye of NBA fans.

Recently, KD uploaded a photo that included several problems in his life that are affecting his personal life. Kevin Durant uploaded the reasons why he is single yet and not getting a girlfriend.

Kevin Durant uploaded the list with the title “Reasons why I’m single” on his IG story:

    I’m a massive over thinker
    I care too deeply
    I’m a be safe type of guy. Message me when u get home. Have a good night type of guy.
    I have so much energy.
    I give my all to people who don’t give me half back
    I would do anything to make someone happy even if it means I get hurt in the process.
    I need reassurance all the time.
    I’ll push you away when I feel like the energy isn’t reciprocated.
    I love old school romance and that’s just not a thing for our generation.


Through this list, it is clear that Kevin Durant has made conditions for the girl who wants to be a girlfriend in his life; he is an old-school romance person. He doesn’t like the vibe of this new generation.

Kevin Durant dating history

Despite winning two NBA championships and serving as the previous league MVP, Durant isn’t satisfied. Nothing has stopped him from being persistently online and starting fights with strangers, despite receiving harsh criticism for giving off the impression of being insecure on social media.

Cassandra Anderson was Kevin Durant’s most recent confirmed girlfriend, and it was revealed through a Snapchat photo at the time, sometime in 2018.

To put it mildly, Kevin Durant’s dating career has been patchy at best. In October 2023, there were rumours that he was seeing WNBA player Rhyne Howard. Durant has several explanations for why he appears to have been unmarried for such a long time.

LaMelo Ball’s Girlfriend Ana Montana Addresses Accusations Of Her Being Involved In A Prostitution Ring

A photo of Ana Mntana posing near a pool and a photo of Lamelo Ball during a game
LaMelo Ball’s girlfriend Ana Montana has addressed claims of her being part of a prostitution ring.

The Instagram model, 33, is 12 years older than the Charlotte Hornets guard and, if social media is to be believed, they’ve been together for nearly two years (since February of 2021).

While neither LaMelo nor Ana have put out any photos of them together, they have been posting about each other on their social media accounts and commenting on each other’s uploads.

As noted by Sportsgossip.com, Ana has had to defend herself in some comments after the internet accused her of being involved with a prostitution ring. Apparently, some people believe the model was part of a group who traveled to Dubai for some activities that you would not want to bring up on a Sunday.

One person in the comments asked Ana if she was involved in a “portapotty thing.”

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