PHOTOS: NFL Host Kay Adams Causes Major Stir In Her Revealing Swimsuit At Bachelorette Party

PHOTOS: NFL Host Kay Adams Causes Major Stir In Her Revealing Swimsuit At Bachelorette Party

Kay Adams wearing sunglasses

Kay Adams (Photo via @LivvyLaughLuv__/Twitter)

Kay Adams dives into Tom Brady 'dating around' rumors and NFL fans all  reply with the exact same thing | The US Sun
Kay Adams, the popular host of “Up & Adams” on FanDuel, made headlines over the weekend for a revealing outfit that she shared with her followers.

Adams attended a bachelorette party in Cabo, where she quickly stole the show.

Football show host Kay Adams in images - Yahoo Sports

The popular FanDuel host went incredibly viral after she took to her Instagram story and posted several photos of herself in a bright pink bikini top with what looks to be rhinestones on it. Adams could be seen in a selfie by herself while rocking sunglasses in one photo, while the second picture was of her taking a picture with her friend.

Despite enjoying the festivities, Adams also managed to cover the top of the NFL Draft.

Known for her lively demeanor and passion for sports, Adams traveled with her show to cover all the latest NFL Draft news from Mexico in a special episode. Anchoring from Cabo San Lucas, Adams made light of her location in the “true epicenter of the NFL Draft” with the Pacific Ocean as her backdrop.

Fans applauded Adams’ attractiveness and devotion to her work, praising her coverage of the NFL Draft from Cabo. Adams didn’t let the breathtaking scenery of Cabo distract her from his goal of providing the most recent draft news and analysis.

Kay Adams Has a Long History of Being A Sportscaster

Kay Adams (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The former NFL Network host, who now has her own morning football show, has been going viral each and every time she posts herself in an outfit or bikini.

In 2018, Kay Adams joined the DAZN boxing broadcast team, hosting each fight night broadcast on the live and on-demand sports streaming platform.

In the past, she has hosted other shows on television and was the presenter of the DirecTV Fantasy Zone channel during football season. Adams has led her own daily NFL show, Up & Adams, for FanDuel TV after leaving NFL Network in 2022 via

Travis Kelce Has A Specific Role In Mind

While Travis Kelce knocked the conjecture suggesting he will be a part of the upcoming movie, he did tease that conspiracy theories could come true.

“Obviously been a huge fan of ‘the Sandman,’ but yes, this is exactly what it says it is: a conspiracy theory,” he said. “Who knows? Theories can come true. Theories can be true and just people don’t know about it. So I might even be in the talking [for the film] and nobody knows about it. But I could also not be in the talking so…”

He also discussed the roles he could play, and it seemed like they settled on Shooter McGavin’s caddie if he had one, although the Bob Barker role seemed a good fit too.

“I did just do a game show,” he added. “Maybe play the Bob Barker role?”

Jason didn’t think he could pull it off, though. “You’re not Bob Barker,” he asserted.

“Like I said,” Travis noted. “I’ll do anything in the movie. I’ll be a part of it any way I can.”

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