Paul Pierce Admits To Renting His ‘Girlfriend For The Day’ To Kevin Garnett During NBA Finals Live Stream (VIDEO)

Paul Pierce Admits To Renting His ‘Girlfriend For The Day’ To Kevin Garnett During NBA Finals Live Stream (VIDEO)

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to know when Paul Pierce is telling the truth, despite that being his nickname for so many years.

Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce recently appeared on his old teammate Kevin Garnett’s show, KG Certified.

In the midst of the show, Pierce would introduce Garnett to the girl that was seated just off camera.

After the introduction, Pierce then claimed his new friend came from a website where he could rent a girlfriend for a day.

Garnett attempts to laugh through Pierce’s explanation while trying to get him to stop.

Knowing Pierce, he was probably being truthful.

The 45-year-old made major waves a few years ago when he got fired from ESPN. He was dismissed from ESPN after footage from his Instagram Live showed he was smoking, drinking, and partying with dancers.

Since then, Pierce has commented on the firing, saying that it “wasn’t a great fit” with ESPN.

“I got fired for what? I got fired for having some entertainment,” said Pierce. “I’m playing cards, [it’s] my boy’s birthday, there are girls dancing, and we’re blowing some trees. What did I do wrong?”

Aside from his antics, Pierce was a great player in the NBA.

Pierce was picked 10th overall by the Celtics in the 1998 NBA Draft. He finished second among all draft picks in that class in points scored during his Hall of Fame career.

NFL Fans Are Praying For 7-Time Pro Bowler Michael Strahan After Even More Heartbreaking Family News

Michael Strahan speaking into micMichael Strahan (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)
Former New York Giants star Michael Strahan is keeping up appearances and putting on a brave face amid what has to be one of the most distressing periods of his life.

Strahan’s 19-year-old daughter Isabella is currently battling cancer, and she has been keeping her followers updated as it pertains to her treatment, progress, and setbacks.

Isabella is fighting to beat medulloblastoma, a rare malignant tumor at the base of her brain. She’s undergoing chemotherapy at the moment, and it’s expectedly taking a toll on her body.

The treatment is also having an effect on her mind, as she’s revealed suffering memory loss in her latest YouTube update.

“I’m given this drug to protect my hearing, and just because I have a reaction to it, they give me Ativan. And for some reason, this happened last time too, I can’t remember a single thing about that day,” she shared.

Isabella’s video includes footage from her hospital visit, during which she was eating a sandwich that she couldn’t recall ordering.

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