NFL Fans Are Praying For Giants Legend Michael Strahan Following Heartbreaking Family Announcement

Michael Strahan speaking into a micMichael Strahan (Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images)

NFL fans are praying for former NFL star Michael Strahan and his family following an unfortunate setback in his daughter’s recovery.

Michael’s 19-year-old daughter, Isabella, is a cancer patient and had a malignant brain tumor removed back in October. She has been keeping her followers up to date on her recovery via YouTube, where she details her chemotherapy, radiation, and various other treatments.

It appears that things were moving along well, but on Friday, she was admitted to hospital due to a fever. She had MRIs, CT scans, and other tests done whilst there.

“I started hysterically crying because I needed to get an IV and I haven’t had an IV in so long,” she said via her YouTube channel. “They’re giving me fluids right now and antibiotics.”

Isabella had to undergo a third craniotomy, with surgeons also draining fluid from her head. The operation, which came just a month after a second craniotomy, has pushed her next round of chemotherapy back.

I only have to do two rounds of chemo, but it’s still gonna be three months,” she explained. “So I wasn’t very happy about that. I was just bawling my eyes out because it’s just so disappointing when you’re like, ‘Yes! I can finish by May!’ And then everything changes because of a stupid head infection.”

Fans were very sympathetic after catching wind of the disappointing news online. You can see some of their reactions below:

Michael Strahan And His Family Need All The Support They Can Get

Isabella had been pleased to announce that she was only in need of two more rounds of chemo and would be done by May, just two days earlier. So the latest development came as a huge blow.

So I’m in a lot of pain,” she said, crying. “My head really, really hurts right now. Not gonna lie, I’ve been crying a lot. I’m in a lot of pain. It’s not as bad as last time… My face isn’t as puffy but it literally hurts to do anything.

Total Pro Sports hopes everything goes well for Isabella following this setback. These are undoubtedly trying times for Michael Strahan and his family, and we wish them the very best.

REPORT: Kansas City Chiefs Reveal Kicker Harrison Butker Could Be Demoted Next Season

Harrison Butker kicking a footballHarrison Butker (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
The Kansas City Chiefs have revealed they’re considering benching Harrison Butker for kickoffs next season.

Butker has been performing kickoffs for the Chiefs since his rookie season in 2017 but could see the role handed to someone else in 2024.

Chiefs special teams coordinator Dave Toub spoke to reporters on Thursday and disclosed the team is mulling over keeping Butker benched for kickoffs.

While the kicker has been catching criticism from all over due to the controversial comments he made earlier in May, his potential benching has nothing to do with it. They’re considering it so he doesn’t take hits all season.

“I like to have somebody who is able to make a tackle, Butker is able to make a tackle, but I really don’t want him making tackles all year long,” Toub explained.

The NFL is set to introduce a new kickoff rule in 2024, and Toub has noticed that kickers in the UFL have been taking hard hits as they’re more involved in tackling.

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