NFL Fans Are Praying For 7-Time Pro Bowler Michael Strahan After Even More Heartbreaking FAMILY News

Michael Strahan speaking into micMichael Strahan (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Former New York Giants star Michael Strahan is keeping up appearances and putting on a brave face amid what has to be one of the most distressing periods of his life.

Strahan’s 19-year-old daughter Isabella is currently battling cancer, and she has been keeping her followers updated as it pertains to her treatment, progress, and setbacks.

Isabella is fighting to beat medulloblastoma, a rare malignant tumor at the base of her brain. She’s undergoing chemotherapy at the moment, and it’s expectedly taking a toll on her body.

The treatment is also having an effect on her mind, as she’s revealed suffering memory loss in her latest YouTube update.

“I’m given this drug to protect my hearing, and just because I have a reaction to it, they give me Ativan. And for some reason, this happened last time too, I can’t remember a single thing about that day,” she shared.

Isabella’s video includes footage from her hospital visit, during which she was eating a sandwich that she couldn’t recall ordering.


Fans Are Feeling It For Michael Strahan & Isabella

Fans have taken to social media to share posts bearing prayers, sympathy and encouragement. You can see some of them right below:

On a brighter note, Isabella said she was feeling a lot better in the wake of her latest round of chemotherapy and isn’t dealing with as much pain as before.

She is due to end chemo soon, though she is a bit apprehensive as she expects that there will always be some form of treatment.

“Once I’m done, how I’m gonna go back to normal life?” she wondered, “Cause I feel like there’s always gonna be another treatment or something I have to do.”

Isabella first revealed her diagnosis in January this year while sitting beside Michael Strahan on ‘Good Morning America.’

She has been posting regular updates since then.

Total Pro Sports wishes her the very best with her recovery.

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