NBA Fans Go Crazy As Clip Surfaces Showing Brittney Griner Kissing Kevin Durant (VIDEO + TWEETS)

NBA Fans Go Crazy As Clip Surfaces Showing Brittney Griner Kissing Kevin Durant (VIDEO + TWEETS)

Brittney Griner and Kevin Durant

NBA fans are losing it over a video that has again surfaced on Twitter showing Brittney Griner kissing Kevin Durant.

Both stars play in Phoenix, with KD having joined the Phoenix Suns last season while Griner is part of the Mercury’s WNBA roster.

Rumors of a possible relationship between the two began in March when they met for the first time after BG was released from a Russian prison in December. They shared a warm embrace that may have raised some eyebrows.

A video of Griner kissing the two-time NBA champion on the cheek also followed.

The latter has resurfaced this week and it appears fans think there really is something between the two basketball players. You could see some of the reactions below:

Brittney and KD are not dating. But they have known each other a long time, having represented the USA in the Olympics in 2016 and 2020. Of course, they didn’t play together, but they were part of the same delegations.

The video showing the kiss is from KD’s Live during the opening ceremony of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. BG playfully snuck in a kiss, ticking him off.

The Mercury star has been married to Cherelle since 2019 and their relationship is well publicized. Durant, on the other hand, has kept his dating life a secret.

Did Kawhi Leonard Actually Chop His Trademark Hair? New Photo Provides The Answer That Everyone’s Looking For

Kawhi Leonard speaking a t a press conference.Kawhi Leonard (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
The internet collectively gasped this weekend after a photo surfaced of Kawhi Leonard sporting a new hairstyle. The Clippers star, who has always been spotted with his iconic long, braided hair, seemed to have shed his signature hairstyle, leaving fans stunned. However, it appears the fans dodged a crisis.

The photo sent shockwaves, depicting Leonard with a different look at a Las Vegas boxing match. Social media erupted with disbelief, with comments like “Is that even Kawhi?!” and “RIP to an era.”

However, Clippers reporter Joey Linn of Sports Illustrated debunked the rumors as he confirmed that Leonard hadn’t chopped his hair off. Instead, he opted for a different style, with his long hair pulled back and secured, possibly in a bun.

Fans breathed a sigh of relief after Linn’s revelation, but the internet soon turned to teasing and trolling. Netizens joked about Leonard’s newfound clean-shaven face, with some comparing the Clippers’ star to a college freshman.

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