Michael Jordan revealed a profit of more than 8 million USD thanks to Lionel Messi joining PSG!


In a surprising revelation, basketball legend Michael Jordan recently shared his astonishment at the substantial profit boost PSG witnessed following Lionel Messi’s arrival. The former Chicago Bulls star, renowned for his competitiveness on the court and business acumen off it, expressed his admiration for Messi’s transcendent influence on the football world. Jordan, who has successfully transitioned from a celebrated athlete to a shrewd businessman, confessed that even he was taken aback by the staggering figures attributed to Messi’s transfer. “When you talk about generating over 8 million dollars in profit just from one player joining a team, it’s truly remarkable,” Jordan remarked during an interview.



The synergy between two global sporting icons—Jordan and Messi—illustrates the immense commercial potential embedded within the sports industry. Jordan, who revolutionized athlete branding with his Air Jordan line, understands the significance of star power in driving revenue streams. However, even he couldn’t anticipate the magnitude of Messi’s impact on PSG’s financial standings.

The unexpected windfall highlights the unparalleled marketability of Messi, whose arrival sent shockwaves across the football landscape. PSG’s investment in the Argentine maestro not only bolstered their on-field prowess but also catapulted the club into the spotlight of global sports business.


Jordan’s acknowledgment underscores the evolving dynamics of sports economics, where player acquisitions transcend mere sporting considerations and become strategic financial investments.


The intersection of sports and commerce continues to redefine traditional notions of profitability, with Messi’s transfer serving as a quintessential example of this phenomenon.

Bronny James Pulls LeBron, Anthony Davis, Cam’ron to Lakers Facility for Pro Day Ahead of NBA Draft

Bronny James pulls host of starsBronny James, Anthony Davis, LeBron James and Cam’ron (Image Source: Getty Images, X/Swish Culture)
The interest in Bronny James’ impending NBA Draft has reached fever pitch even with the event being a month away. After raising his stock in the Chicago NBA combine, LeBron James Jr. was seen in the Lakers facility on the Klutch group’s pro day. The drawing power of the James name was on full display as the facility was filled with curious onlookers from GMs, scouts and NBA superstars.

Of course, his father was there, and so were Anthony Davis and Zach LaVine. This was incidentally the first time LeBron and AD were seen together since their elimination game in the first round of the playoffs. Rapper Cam’ron was also spotted near the courtside to catch a glimpse of Bronny.

Bronny James only spent a year with the USC Trojans team and averaged 4.8 points from 36.6% shooting in the 25 games he played. His minutes were numbered, keeping in mind his recovery from cardiac arrest suffered last year. Despite only being tipped as a second-round pick, his combined performance generated some buzz around the front offices, be it a minor one. As a result, his draft rank might go up a bit, but he will be a 2nd round pick nonetheless.

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