Kanye West Exposes Kim Kardashian For Paying Bribe For North’s Lion King | Using North For Clout

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s Ongoing Feud Over Raising Their Daughter North West

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s tumultuous relationship has been in the public eye for over a decade, and their disagreements over parenting their four children have often made headlines. One of the most contentious issues between the former couple is their differing views on raising their eldest daughter, North West.

Kanye West SLAMS Kim Kardashian For Using North For Clout | Kim Bribed For  North To Perform 

Kanye has been vocal about his desire to shield North from the spotlight and the pressures of social media. He has expressed his disapproval of North having a joint Tik Tok account with Kim, and he has also objected to her being included on reality shows and attending red carpet events.

In contrast, Kim has taken a more relaxed approach, allowing North to participate in some social media activities and public appearances under her supervision. She has defended her parenting decisions, arguing that she is trying to protect North while also allowing her to express her creativity and pursue her interests.

The couple’s differing parenting styles have led to public clashes, with Kanye accusing Kim of exploiting their daughter for fame and using her as a pawn in their ongoing feud. He has also raised concerns about North being exposed to the negative aspects of social media and the entertainment industry.


The latest battleground in their parenting war is North’s recent performance in a stage production of The Lion King. Kanye reportedly believes that Kim paid a bribe to secure the role for North and that she is using her daughter’s talent for her own personal gain.

The controversy surrounding North’s Lion King performance has once again put the spotlight on Kanye and Kim’s parenting disagreements. It remains to be seen how this latest conflict will affect their co-parenting relationship and their children’s well-being.

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