Former NBA Star Dwyane Wade Once Accidentally Photobombed Couple’s Engagement Beach Photo

Former NBA Star Dwyane Wade Once Accidentally Photobombed Couple’s Engagement Beach PhotoDwyane Wade accidentally photo bombed this couples engagement (ImageSource: X via ML Basketball)

The Former NBA star Dwyane Wade once photobombed a couple having their engagement shoot on the beach. D-Wade has been known to be a great entertainer in his time off-court, he is friendly to his fans and doesn’t shy away from giving them photo opportunities.


Dwyane has built a legacy in the NBA and has cemented himself as one of the legends of the game. However, he decided to hang his shoes very early in his career which left many of his feeling confused.

When Dwyane Wade photobombed couple’s engagement photo

NBA Icon Dwyane Wade once spoiled the photos of a couple while walking on the beach. Wade was on vacation at a beach and unintentionally appeared in the background of a couple of clicking photos. The couple was doing an engagement shoot on the beach and D-Wade appeared in their photo posing for them.


The Former Miami Heat star recognized the camera from afar and posed for it. The couple recognized Wade photobombing their photos in a peach-colored hoodie. Later on, the NBA icon showed great humility and was featured in some photos with the couple. He made their engagement photoshoot a day they would remember for the rest of their lives.

What did Dwyane retire from the NBA so early?

Dwyane Wade has a lot going for him in his time in the NBA. He had become a Miami Heat megastar and was also performing quite well. However, at the age of 37, he decided to hang his boots and call it a day on his 16-year-long NBA career. Wade probably had 2-3 more years of Balling days left in him but he chose to rest it. He also talked about it on the Shannon Sharpe podcast.

The former Miami Heat star retired to give himself permanent rest from the busy schedule, intense physical pressure, and mental pressure that a player has to endure while playing in the NBA. “I feel better in the morningMy knees don’t hurt. My hips don’t hurt. I’m not stressing as much,” said Dwyane Wade. He had a very successful career in the NBA and was named to the NBA All-Star selections 13 times. He won the NBA championship 3 times in his career and was a loyal Miami Heat player.


What do you think of Dwyane Wade photobombing a couple’s engagement shoot? What do you think of Dwyane Wade retiring early from the NBA? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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