Diana Taurasi Gives a 3-Word Response to Go Against Caitlin Clark Only for Her Past Response to Come Back and Haunt Her

Diana Taurasi Wants To 'Kill Rookies' Like Caitlin Clark In WNBA

The WNBA fans are in for another gripping clash on June 30 as the consensus GOAT meets the superstar rookie. Veterans in most fields want the rookies to justify their spot. However, Diana Taurasi seems to be playing a completely different game. The league’s all-time leading scorer faced heavy backlash for her honest views about the incoming rookie class a couple of months ago. Specifically, Caitlin Clark. While she may not have said anything scandalous this time, her own words have come back to bite her.

Taurasi expressed her feelings about hosting Caitlin Clark and the Indiana Fever for their next game in her media availability. With quite a straight face, she said, “It’ll be fun.” While nothing big for this three-worded message for the NCAA’s all-time leading scorer, the Clark fans did not like what she had confessed previously to Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe.

Disclosing her true feelings about playing against the rookies, DT had said, “Every time you play rookies, you just wanna f***ing kill them.” Surprisingly, this is not the only time that the Mercury guard had to swallow her own words. In fact, before Caitlin Clark even stepped into the league, the 42-year-old hooper gave the first overall pick a warning. Then, she had exclaimed, “You look superhuman playing against 18-year-olds, but you’re going to come with some grown women that have been playing professional basketball for a long time”

Later, she had to explain the meaning behind the words, saying that there are stages to the league, and you have to evolve with it. However, then again, she took a shot at the fans, calling them “sensitive.” It is interesting that this clip came to the surface right after Taurasi had some appreciative words for the Fever rookie.

Diana Taurasi pointed to the “sign of respect” that Caitlin Clark is receiving

No one is a stranger to how troubling the physicality of the league has been for the first overall pick. From the very first game, Caitlin Clark has spoken about her need to overcome that. However, fans were quite certain of her being targeted, which was confirmed by Geno Auriemma as well. But many believe that CC getting all this attention on the floor means that the opposing team is keeping her from the ball because they know she can be quite damaging.

A few days ago, Taurasi reflected the same thought. In an interview with GQ, she praised her by saying, “That’s the ultimate sign of respect! When you come into the league and everyone’s eyes are on you—and you’re getting the best defender every game, double-teamed on every pick and roll, face guarded, top lined—that’s respect from the other team.”

For now, Caitlin Clark has not responded to any of these words. However, we do know that like every other time, she will let her game do the talking. Next, the Indiana Fever will fly out to Seattle to try and bounce back from their previous loss to the Chicago Sky. They will continue their journey by meeting Diana Taurasi and Co. at the Footprint Arena in Phoenix on Sunday.

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