Comedian Nikki Glaser Spills The Beans On Awkward Encounter She Had With Tom Brady Following Netflix Roast

Tom Brady posing. Nikki Glaser posing.Tom Brady and Nikki Glaser (Photos via Getty Images)

Nikki Glaser, a comedian, received tremendous accolades for her performance on Netflix’s The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady.

During a Thursday interview on the Pat McAfee Show, Glaser said that Tom Brady did not attend his roast’s own afterparty, citing an awkward experience she had with the retired NFL great following Sunday’s Netflix special.

‘He was on his way out, right? I ran into him in the hallway and said: “Hey, thanks for having me again.” We didn’t meet before the show. I only met him after I got done with my set and, gave him a hug and said “thank you” after telling him horrible things about himself.

‘But then, afterward, I ran into him in the hall, and I was like: “Thank you so much. Thanks for having me!” And really quickly, he just goes: “You did a great job, good luck with everything.” Which is pretty much like saying: “I’ll never see you again, and don’t even try to contact me. Have a good life.’”

Nikki Glaser Had More Tom Brady Jokes In Her Arsenal

Also, during her interview, Glaser read off a list of jokes that she ended up not using or got cut during her performance at Tom Brady’s roast:

Transcribed via The Wrap:

1. “In talking about Tom Brady to all my friends in doing research for this event, I learned that so many people want to suck Tom Brady’s d–k, and a couple of them are women.”
2. “What do Tom Brady and SpongeBob have in common? Eli Manning owns them both.”
3. “Brady, you lost to a guy who makes Gronk feel cultured. CTE gets diagnosed with Eli Manning.”
4. “I feel like we didn’t like really get into that enough about how crazy Tom Brady looks right now. But you know, like I wanted to put a knife through him to make sure he wasn’t cake.”
5. “I was going to call him out on being just an anorexic Adonis. I was going to say, “Hey, you gonna eat something tonight? You know, like, it’s a cheat day. I brought some p—-y if you want any. I put some blueberries in it before the night began, just to fit your weird diet, but then I looked at Jeff Ross, and they dried up, so I don’t know if you’d be into that.”
6. “Tom, will you stop getting work done? Unless scientists figure out a personality transplant.”
7. “You look like that movie poster for ‘Smile.’ You look like you c–m coconut water. You look like a cyclops with two eyes.”

Glaser was likely the most outstanding performance throughout the roast, which featured a lot of memorable moments. Throughout the live event, topics such as Brady’s marriage, bitcoin investments, and losing record in Super Bowls against Eli Manning were often exploited as punchlines.

Comedian Andrew Schulz Revealed Tom Brady Wanted Zero Jokes About Robert Kraft

Tom Brady (Photo by Elyse Jankowski/FilmMagic)
Since Tom Brady’s Netflix roast, many have speculated on how offended the NFL star was by Jeff Ross’ joke, which referenced Patriots owner Robert Kraft being charged with soliciting prostitutes during an investigation into massage parlors in Florida.

Comedian Andrew Schulz, who took part in the roast, claims that the awkward moment “was 100 percent real.”

“The reason why I think it’s real is because they told us no jokes about happy endings with Bob Kraft,” Schulz said on his Flagrant podcast.

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