Cole Beasley Has Just 2-Words To Say About The Buffalo Bills Sponsoring “National Gay Flag Football League”

Cole Beasley Has Just 2-Words To Say About The Buffalo Bills Sponsoring “National Gay Flag Football League”

Cole Beasley in Bills gear

Cole Beasley (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)
Former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley had a question after finding out his former team will be sponsoring the National Gay Flag Football League, which is set to branch out to Buffalo.

Cole Beasley retires from NFL 2 weeks after signing with Buccaneers

The team announced its partnership with the NGFFL on Tuesday via social media, prompting mixed reactions.

The league has been around since 2002 and has over 250 teams across the United States. And it appears the Bills are now keen on bringing NGFFL football to their city.

“We’re proud to support the National Gay Flag Football League with a sponsorship to launch a league in Buffalo!” they wrote on Instagram.

Beasley, who had two stints with the Bills, was perplexed by the move and took to X/Twitter to question it.

“But why?” he asked.

“Great question Cole!” a user replied. “I’m questioning why I would want to watch the Bills play this year! Why can’t sports just be about sports?”

“It’s flag football. And the league has been around for decades,” another offered.

This hardly comes as a surprise as Cole Beasley’s stance on homosexuality is well known.

As for the league, it plays according to standard flag football rules and is not 100 percent gay, as there are teams with heterosexual men.

Cole Beasley Might Not Know This, But The Buffalo Bills Are Not Alone

The Bills are not the first team to partner with the NGFFL either.

“The Buffalo Bills join other supportive NFL teams like the New England Patriots, Giants, Jets, Dolphins, Cardinals, Bears, Commanders, and Seahawks in making our growing league even more inclusive,” the NGFFL website notes.

The move from Buffalo comes during pride month and aligns with their values, as they have made it a point to play a part in various social causes over the year.

Still, Cole Beasley doesn’t have to like it.

VIDEO: Travis Kelce Drops Vulgar Truth Bomb About The Typo On The Chiefs Super Bowl Rings

Travis Kelce on podcast in Olympics capTravis Kelce (Photo via New Heights podcast/YouTube)
The Kansas City Chiefs’ latest Super Bowl ring has a glaring typo, and tight end Travis Kelce couldn’t care less.

The inside of the Chiefs Super Bowl ring appears to be incorrect. It details the team’s path to winning a title, including the seeds for each team taken down. The biggest problem is that the Miami Dolphins are listed as the No. 7 seed in the AFC. They were actually the No. 6 seed.

On the New Heights podcast, Jason Kelce discussed the Dolphins being labeled the No. 7 seed instead of the No. 6 seed; however, Travis Kelce had a strong response.

“I don’t give a s—,” Travis said with conviction. “I like it that we didn’t give a f— about what seed Miami was. Yea, they were seventh. Who cares? They could have put no seeds on the side of them, and I would have been fine.

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