Bombshell Report Claims LSU Head Coach Kim Mulkey Had To Cover Up Fight Between Angel Reese & Teammate That Unfolded In Front Of Recruits

Bombshell Report Claims LSU Head Coach Kim Mulkey Had To Cover Up Fight Between Angel Reese & Teammate That Unfolded In Front Of Recruits

Kim Mulkey and Angel Reese.

Kim Mulkey and Angel Reese (Photos via Getty Images)
A report claiming Angel Reese fought an unnamed teammate while with the LSU Tigers has surfaced ahead of her highly anticipated rematch with Caitlin Clark and the Indiana Fever.

The rookie is one of the most popular athletes in the United States and will go down as an all-time great for the Lady Tigers, having led them to a national title last year. However, a Washington Post article (H/T USA Today) revealed that Reese fought a teammate in front of visiting recruits, and LSU head coach Kim Mulkey covered it up.

According to reporter Kent Babb, one of his sources witnessed the altercation, and it led to a meeting in which players were not allowed to have their cell phones.

“This [meeting] was after a fight involving Angel Reese, witnessed by one of my sources, that occurred in front of visiting recruits,” Babb noted, although he never published an article on Mulkey as intended after she threatened legal action.

“One of these individuals present in the team meeting shared that Mulkey said: ‘This entire locker room is trash.’”


The Report Of Angel Reese’s Fight At LSU Remains Unconfirmed

Other publications have been unable to confirm a fight or a meeting, but the Post has said it “stands by Kent Babb and his reporting.”

The incident and the meeting it prompted are believed to have occurred in 2022, before Angel Reese rose to popularity by beating Iowa in the national championship game in 2023.

Reese has since moved up to the WNBA while Mulkey remains LSU head coach and still has players on her roster who won the title last year.

We expect more on this in the coming days, but Reese and LSU have so far declined to comment.

Matas Buzelis Scouting Report: Potential Landing Spots for the G-League’s Sensation Ahead of the 2024 NBA Draft

Matas Buzelis scouting reportMatas Buzelis (Image source: X/Spurs Interaction)
Matas Buzelis is considered a top-10 prospect in the 2024 NBA Draft, starting Wednesday, June 26.

Standing at 6-foot-10 with a good wingspan, Buzelis has the crucial physical tools in the NBA. His height and length make him a versatile defender and a potential offensive matchup problem. Due to his height, Buzelis often has an advantage when finishing on the move against wing defenders.

Buzelis averaged 2.7 blocks per game in the G League despite being a skinny teenager in a physical environment. His wingspan and vertical leap contribute to his shot-blocking ability, and his fearless mentality is an asset on defense.

However, Buzelis’ ball-handling skills are subpar, so he is considered a forward rather than a guard. His inability to create his shot limits his offensive versatility. One of the primary concerns for scouts is his inconsistency. Physical defenders can prevent him from getting to his spots, and he struggles to consistently maintain a high level of play.

Buzelis shot only 26.1% from beyond the arc and had 14 games without making a three-pointer. This lack of reliable outside shooting is a significant downside in today’s NBA.

Many draft boards project Buzelis as a potential pick for the Detroit Pistons, who hold the 5th overall pick. However, ESPN’s Jonathan Givony reported that the Pistons view Buzelis as their floor, indicating he might not fall below the 5th pick.

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