Bagging Million Dollar Deals, Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese and Others Get Crucial Advice From WNBA Legend Candace Parker

With the NCAA’s 2021 ruling of NIL, the discussion of sport became more of a business. In the same light, stars like Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese amassed net worths of $3 million and $1.8 million respectively before entering the WNBA. JuJu Watkins of the USC Trojans is also on a similar trajectory. Hence, they have become brands and not mere athletes. One person who completely resonates with this is the recently retired Candace Parker. Now, the GOAT has returned to give these impactful players important advice.

Recently, Candace Parker was invited as a speaker at the Aspen Ideas Festival. There, she answered how up-and-coming athletes like Caitlin Clark who are becoming a force of change can get the best of their value. Giving one advice, she said, “I think taking ownership of your brand is number one. I think that’s super important.”

Parker also mentioned the importance of access and relationships when showcasing yourself as a brand. She advised the young hoopers with an example. She said, When the ball is going through the hoop and the lights are on, you have access, and you have relationships with a lot of people. As soon as that ball stops going through the hoop, and the lights kinda dim a little bit, the access gets a little bit less. And, as players, if you are able to grow that while you are playing and while you are in the game, learn as much as you can. I think you’re gonna have that after the ball stops bouncing.”

The 3x WNBA champion was also open about how the hoopers should understand the business element of being athletes. She also pressed on the fact that they should ask questions. With the questions, more people will come to help, growing the circle.

Players like Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese are brands in themselves

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Hardly anyone can ignore how the 2024 rookie class in the WNBA has painted the league in new colors. More fans, views, deals, and attention are just the tip of the iceberg that these immaculate players have introduced to the league. The matchup between Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese in the sold-out Wintrust Arena past Sunday was WNBA’s most expensive game on record. The average ticket cost was $271 according to NBC Sports Chicago with $9000 being the maximum price.

Another instance that proves why Caitlin Clark has become the face of the league is because she sold out her No. 22 Fever jerseys on the very night of the WNBA draft. A feat that was not even achieved in the NBA. Apart from this, Fever’s second game with the LA Sparks had 19,103 fans in attendance. This number was more than the Los Angeles Lakers’ count.

Outside of the lines as well, these rookies have continued to grow their estate. In fact, Caitlin Clark has already increased her net worth to $5 million. She has joined hands with big guns in basketball like Nike, Wilson, and more to create her business. At the same time, Angel Reese has sponsors like Reebok and Dr. Dre by Beats behind her.

In all, these players have matched their on-court efforts with the veterans. Off the court, they are in a league of their own. While their journey in the WNBA has just begun, many analysts and players have come forward to appreciate Caitlin Clark and this rookie class for their impact. It will be interesting if any of them respond to the advice that Candace Parker has given them.

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