Antonio Brown Unleashes Shocking Accusation About Caitlin Clark’s Private Area

Antonio Brown Unleashes Shocking Accusation About Caitlin Clark’s Private Area

Photo of Antonio Brown looking to his left and photo of Caitlin Clark speaking into a mic

Antonio Brown and Caitlin Clark (Photos via Getty Images)
Antonio Brown isn’t slowing down on social media and has made Caitlin Clark one of his targets.

The former Iowa Hawkeyes guard will be suiting up for the Indiana Fever in the upcoming WNBA season, having been selected as the No. 1 overall pick this Monday.

Clark has a lot going for her at the moment. She’s one of the biggest draws in basketball and left the NCAA as its highest-ever scorer in both men’s and women’s basketball. The WNBA will likely benefit from her presence and is expected to see an uptick in viewership next season.

Still, she has her detractors, with Antonio Brown one of the most vocal on social media.

The wide receiver has been trolling Clark on Twitter/X for several weeks but took it a bit too far on Wednesday as he suggested that she doesn’t shave a particular area of her body.

Check his tweet out below:

While the above is entirely on-brand, AB has been exposed for stealing the tweet. This was originally posted by an account going by the name “Ghost Malone” last month.

Antonio Brown And CTESPN Are Picking Up Steam

Unsurprisingly enough, most of AB’s tweets aren’t original, yet he doesn’t seem to care and is becoming increasingly popular online He’s also launched his CTESPN platform, which has broken a few big football stories this offseason.

CTESPN was first with the Russell Wilson trade to the Pittsburgh Steelers and correctly predicted that Stefon Diggs would leave the Buffalo Bills for the Houston Texans weeks in advance.

Even so, Brown keeps on making enemies. Clark is hardly the only one to experience his online abuse; not even United States President Joe Biden is safe.

VIDEO: Stephen A. Smith’s Latest Message About Caitlin Clark And Racism Involves A Wild Reference To Donald Trump

Caitlin Clark, Stephen A. Smith and Donald Trump.Caitlin Clark, Stephen A. Smith and Donald Trump (Photos via Getty & ESPN)
In a recent episode of First Take, host Stephen A. Smith surprised everyone by discussing the challenges faced by Indiana Fever star player Caitlin Clark. While giving his opinion on the criticism surrounding Clark, Smith mentioned a controversial name. The 56-year-old NBA analyst brought up Donald Trump and discussed how race plays a role in Clark’s controversies.

“There’s a broader issue here that can’t be escaped. And that is this: she is a white young lady. And she’s been a magnet in a way that has benefitted the league in ways that others have not, even though their efforts have been worthy and deserving of being as celebrated, if not even more celebrated…. in the end, if you’re white, you’re bright, you’re right, and as a result, the shine comes your way in the eyes of a lot of people in America.” Smith said.

“You have somebody that’s a presidential candidate. What is his claim to fame? Make America Great Again. What have people interpreted that to mean? Make America White Again… what has that led to? A divide. It is not a divide that is created. It is a divide that is illuminated because it highlights and shows that it’s been in existence all along. And It hasn’t gone anywhere.” Smith added.

Caitlin Clark Racism Controversy

After making her debut in the WNBA, Clark has been involved in numerous controversies on a weekly basis. Recently, her fans have been bringing up her name in discussions about racism, misogyny, and homophobia. During an interview, the 22-year-old Fever player was asked about these topics, and she said that her focus was on basketball. Despite Clark ignoring the fans’ actions, another player, Connecticut Sun guard DiJonai Carrington, criticized Clark for ignoring such essential incidents.

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