Antonio Brown calls out media’s hypocrisy citing his Caitlin Clark ‘hairy’ quip vs. Pat McAfee’s ‘white bi**h’ remark

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Antonio Brown is after the media for the way he’s been treated for ‘bringing attention’ to Caitlin Clark. The former Pittsburgh Steelers star has been criticized for his posts about the Indiana Fever rookie, but Brown doesn’t consider the criticism to be fair compared to others who’ve commented about Clark.

Talking in today’s edition of The Pivot Podcast, Brown brought up ESPN personality Pat McAfee calling Clark the B-word a couple of weeks ago. According to Brown, that did not receive the same amount of backlash as his jokes about the young guard.

“Let’s take for example, Pat McAfee. Pat McAfee just called Caitlin Clark, somebody who I like to bring a lot attention to. One of the best athletes in basketball, who’s changing the game. He called him a ‘whit b***h.’… It’s always scrutiny in the media for what I can do or what somebody else doing. It’s not to make comparables.

“It’s just saying, if a guy can call a woman, who’s a great athlete a white b***h, AB just could say she’s hairy as a joke. You know, that’s the attention of the media. The media tend to despise the truth and scrutinize different people for different reasons,” Brown explained.

Caitlin Clark has been the target of Brown’s posts on social media in recent months. Brown made a crude joke that Clark ‘looks like she keep it hairy,’ which seemingly earned a block from the young star. He also compared Clark with Hollywood actor Mel Gibson and more recently, to fashion designer Rick Owens.

Still, according to his words, he’s not doing any of this to make Clark look good, but just to bring attention to her with jokes.

Antonio Brown calls the WNBA a ‘charity for lesbians’ despite Caitlin Clark’s impact on popularity

While Antonio Brown says he’s trying to put the spotlight on Caitlin Clark, his feelings about the lady’s colleagues might be different. The former star wide receiver had strong words for the WNBA after learning about the $50 million loss they’re expected to experience this season.

“This is why I’ve found all the WNBA talk to be hilarious. Nobody actually watches it. So when you’re arguing about it, you’re not really arguing about a professional sport. It’s more of just a charity for lesbians,” Brown posted last week.

Amid the criticism he’s received for his jokes about Clark, this latest post on the WNBA appears to be proof that Antonio Brown will continue to speak his mind.

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