Angel Reese Shares Powerful Message On Women’s Sports Following Controversial Decision

Angel Reese Shares Powerful Message On Women’s Sports Following Controversial Decision

Angel Reese speaks at a press conference.

Angel Reese (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Former LSU star Angel Reese has shared a powerful message following her step up to the pros.

Reese was drafted seventh overall by the Chicago Sky in last week’s WNBA Draft and is looking forward to her league debut, having achieved everything she set out to in college basketball.

The former Tigers forward attracted some attention after her antics in the national title game against Iowa last year, having helped her school complete a successful March Madness period. Reese’s taunting of Caitlin Clark got much coverage and criticism, though many people jumped to her defense.

It didn’t take too long before the 21-year-old was back in the news for going after First Lady Jill Biden for insisting both the Tigers and Hawkeyes should be invited to the White House.

The following season was difficult for Reese as she was the subject of a lot of adverse reporting and abuse. But her time in college is now over as she chose to forego her final year of eligibility to take her talents to the pros.

Reese took to Twitter/X on Monday to urge everyone to “protect young women in sports!!!”

The post had reached 3.3 million impressions at the time of writing.

Is This A Political Message From Angel Reese?

Angel Reese did not explain her post, but it comes days after the Biden administration implemented new rules to protect LGBTQ+ students. The regulations will change the way sexual harassment and assault complaints are handled on campuses across the nation. However, there’s nothing therein prohibiting schools from placing bans on transgender athletes competing against females.

While the White House was expected to enforce such a rule, it’s been placed on hold.

We can’t be sure Reese’s comment had anything to do with the recent development, but the timing does suggest as much.

VIDEO: Stephen A. Smith Drops Bombshell Candidate For Los Angeles Lakers Head Coaching Vacancy

Los Angeles Lakers, Stephen A. Smith Monty WilliamsStephen A. Smith, Los Angeles Lakers (Image Credits: Getty Images)
In a recent episode of the show “First Take,” host Stephen A. Smith suggested a new name for the head coaching position of the Los Angeles Lakers. Smith believes that Monty Williams should “definitely” be considered as a candidate for the Lakers’ head coaching position. He also noted that despite the hype around JJ Redick, Williams could be a better candidate for the Lakers to consider.

“I know we’ve been talking a lot about JJ Reddick, but with Monty Williams available, that is a situation that the Los Angeles Lakers should look at, okay? So I would definitely say that as well. They should look at it.” Smith said.

Stephen A. Smith Expressed His Respect for the Los Angeles Lakers

Smith expressed his affection for Jeannie Buss, the Lakers owner, and showed his admiration for Rob Pelinka, the general manager, and Kurt Rambis, the basketball adviser. Smith suggested that all three Lakers officials should consider Williams a candidate for the head coaching position.

“Obviously, Jeannie Buss, you know how much I love Jeannie Buss. I’m rooting for her to find the right person for the job. Respect Rob Pelinka and what he’s going to do, you know, and yes, I respect Kurt Rambis too. I was joking around about him earlier, but I respect him too. So listen, they’re all going to be a part of the process, and we’ll see what happens. And, you know, I think Monty Williams definitely should be a candidate for that job.” Smith added.

After being eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by the Denver Nuggets, the Lakers decided to make some changes to improve the team. They started by firing all of the coaches, including head coach Darvin Ham. Following this action, the Lakers began searching for a potential candidate to lead the team in the next season. The first rumored candidate was Redick, possibly due to his podcast with star player LeBron James. The second speculated candidate was Dan Hurley, who later changed his mind and chose to stay with UConn.

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