*Angel Reese comes up with an ingenious and endearing nickname for her growing WNBA fanbse

Angel Reese comes up with an ingenious and endearing nickname for her growing WNBA fanbse

The rookie is blossoming into a star in Chicago

Angel Reese comes up with an ingenious and endearing nickname for her growing WNBA fanbse


Angel Reese has quickly captivated WNBA and Chicago Sky fans, endearing herself to them as a hard-working rookie with elite rebounding skills and a motor that never stops running. Now, she wants to repay Sky fans for their support.

Fresh off a career-high 25 points against rival Caitlin Clark and her Indiana Fever, Reese is getting better and better with each passing game as she carves out a place amongst fierce competition in the WNBA. Some of Reese’s fans have been with her since her LSU days — and she has christened them anew with a charming nickname.

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Reese salutes her “pieces”

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In a viral tweet on Tuesday, Reese asked where her “Reese’s Pieces” were — the nickname she has assigned her loyal fans, and a play on her last name as well as the famous peanut butter candy manufactured by Hershey.

The roll call prompted a wave of responses on Twitter/X as Reese rallied her fans for the games ahead. The 6-9 Sky are in possession of the WNBA’s eighth and final playoff spot, and Chicago has nine games between now and the Olympic break in mid-July — with the first game in that stretch taking place at Wintrust Arena on Thursday night against the defending champion Las Vegas Aces.


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Reese will no doubt relish a matchup with reigning MVP A’ja Wilson and her Aces, as it gives the rookie a chance to continue an impressive streak. Reese has posted eight consecutive points-rebounds double-doubles — a league record for a first-year player — and she has shot better than 50 percent from the floor in consecutive games.

Reese and Kamilla Cardoso — her one-time college rival — represent the Sky’s future as the franchise hopes to return to championship contention in the next few years. Continuing to cultivate and energize the fanbase supporting her is another smart move from Reese as she continues to expand her game

WNBA’s new media policy: Shielding or stifling Angel Reese and Kamilla Cardoso?

How exemptions for rookies might impact their growth and the league’s future

The implications of exempting Reese and Cardoso with new media policy

The implications of exempting Reese and Cardoso with new media policy(AP Photo/Mike Stewart)LAPRESSE

The WNBA has implemented a new media policy allowing teams to exempt two players from shootaround media availability on game days. The Chicago Sky has promptly exercised this option for their rookies, Angel Reese and Kamilla Cardoso. While the league likely intended this change to protect its players, it could have unintended consequences, especially for Reese and Cardoso.

Angel Reese, known for her talent and aversion to media attention, is a natural candidate for this exemption. The Sky’s decision to shield her from the press is hardly surprising, given her public discomfort with media interactions. However, this protection may come at a cost. Reese is a player who, love her or hate her, garners significant public interest. People are eager to hear her thoughts and insights, and by limiting her media exposure, the league is potentially stifling her growth as a public figure.

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Angel Reese Slams Caitlin Clark’s ‘Special Treatment’ After Loss

The life of a professional athlete, especially one with aspirations of fame and success, inevitably involves engaging with the media. By exempting Reese from these obligations, the WNBA may inadvertently be doing her a disservice. This is the life you choose when you aim for the pinnacle of sports-riches, fame, and celebrity come with the territory, including media scrutiny.

The potential backlash of the WNBA’s new media policy

Kamilla Cardoso, another promising rookie for the Sky, also falls under this exemption. While this might offer her some initial relief, it could hinder her ability to build a rapport with fans and establish her brand. Media interactions are not just about answering questions; they are a platform for players to express themselves, share their journey, and connect with their audience.

Moreover, this policy raises questions about equality and double standards in sports. Can you imagine an NFL team allowing their star rookie quarterback to skip media sessions? The uproar would be deafening. Equality in sports means holding everyone to the same standards, regardless of gender. By giving Reese and Cardoso a pass, the WNBA might unintentionally suggest that female athletes require special protection, undermining the push for equal treatmen

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