VIDEO: Travis Kelce Drops VULGAR TRUTH BOMB About The TYPO On The Chiefs Super Bowl Rings-O

Travis Kelce on podcast in Olympics capTravis Kelce (Photo via New Heights podcast/YouTube)

The Kansas City Chiefs’ latest Super Bowl ring has a glaring typo, and tight end Travis Kelce couldn’t care less.

The inside of the Chiefs Super Bowl ring appears to be incorrect. It details the team’s path to winning a title, including the seeds for each team taken down. The biggest problem is that the Miami Dolphins are listed as the No. 7 seed in the AFC. They were actually the No. 6 seed.

On the New Heights podcast, Jason Kelce discussed the Dolphins being labeled the No. 7 seed instead of the No. 6 seed; however, Travis Kelce had a strong response.

“I don’t give a s—,” Travis said with conviction. “I like it that we didn’t give a f— about what seed Miami was. Yea, they were seventh. Who cares? They could have put no seeds on the side of them, and I would have been fine.

“I think it makes it more unique, ‘Oh yea, and we really made it more detailed. And oops, we screwed up.’ It just makes it more exclusive. We screwed up about something that means nothing.”

In the Wild Card playoff game, the Chiefs defeated the Dolphins, 26-7, in a game where Kelce was targeted ten times for seven catches for 71 receiving yards, per

From there, the Chiefs would defeat the Buffalo Bills on the road at Highmark Stadium in the divisional round and the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium to return to the Super Bowl once again.


Travis Kelce and the Chiefs would finish off their postseason run with their third Super Bowl title in five years by beating the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII.

Travis Kelce’s Super Bowl Ring Is Filled with Hundreds of Diamonds

Despite the glaring mistake of listing the Dolphins as the wrong seed, the Chiefs’ Super Bowl rings are still glorious.

Travis Kelce and his teammates received their rings last week. They include 505 round diamonds, 19 baguette diamonds, five marquise diamonds, and 38 genuine rubies.

Popular TV Host Breaks Her Silence On Travis Kelce Dating Rumors

Travis Kelce in bucket hat. Zuri Hall posing in dress.Travis Kelce and Zuri Hall (Photos via Getty Images)
There have been major rumors on the internet that Travis Kelce had a fling with “Access Hollywood” correspondent Zuri Hall.

This rumor was going around well before the Kansas City Chiefs tight end started a relationship with Taylor Swift.

During an appearance on Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea,” Hall finally had the opportunity to speak on the rumors after being asked about Travis Kelce. She made it clear that she has never been romantically involved with the three-time Super Bowl champion.

“He is an Ohio guy, shoutout to Trav, definitely the homie,” as reported by Page Six.

Hall would further add that she is a fan of Kelce’s romance with Swift.

“I love him and Taylor together; it’s been really fun kind of watching that blossom and bloom in public,” Hall declared.

Travis Kelce has been in a few high-profile relationships in recent years and is now dating Taylor Swift after he attended her ‘Eras Tour’ in 2023 and failed to give her his number.

The link between him and Zuri Hall stems from 2022, after she watched a Kansas City Chiefs game in his family suite. His friends further fuelled that rumor when they posted photos with the duo. It only got worse, as they never spoke publicly about it.

Hall is most notable for her role on “Access Hollywood,” but she has only had a stint as a sideline reporter for the NBC show “American Ninja Warrior” and as a host for various beauty pageants.

Travis Kelce’s Longest Relationship Was With Kayla Nicole

Before Travis Kelce started a budding romance with singer Taylor Swift, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end was in a relationship with Kayla Nicole.

This was easily his most notable and longest relationship before he met Taylor Swift.

Nicole and Kelce started dating in 2017, and both would break up and make up several times over the next few years.

The NFL star and content creator dated for five years before officially breaking up in 2022.

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