VIDEO: Rob Gronkowski DROPS A TRUTH BOMB On Exactly How He FEELS About Bill Belichick SHACKING Up With A 24-Year-Old-O

Rob Gronkowski speaking (left), Bikk Belichick in Patriots hoodie (right)Rob Gronkowski and Bill Belichick (Photos via @gameswithnames/X & Getty Images)

Former star NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski has shared his thoughts on Bill Belichick dating a woman who’s much younger than he is.

Belichick, 72, is understood to be in a relationship with cheerleader Jordon Hudson, who’s 23 years old, though initial reports claimed she was 24.

The revelation has seen the former New England Patriots head coach maintain a stranglehold on the news, with everyone talking about his new love interest.

Gronkowski, who joked about the relationship during Tom Brady’s Netflix roast, when hardly anyone knew about it, recently discussed the unlikely coupling with ex-teammate Julian Edelman on the ‘Games with Names’ podcast.

“He’s dating a 24-year-old – a very-good looking 24-year-old,” Gronk said. “There were three things he told us not to get caught up in. Alcohol, a**holes, and girls. Now he’s all caught up with the girls! We love you, Coach.”

“Wait, he’s not coaching anymore,” the former TE pointed out after one of Edelman’s co-hosts suggested that Belichick is putting rumors of him being too old to connect with the younger generation to rest. “He can be in the trifecta.

“Watch out, he’s gonna be blacked out, hammered every night now.”


Bill Belichick Might Be A Drinker Now

There is evidence of Bill Belichick drinking, as he shared shots with multiple former Patriots during said roast last month. And, given his frequent nights out with Jordon, he’s probably made a habit of it by now.

Of course, Bill can afford to let himself go a bit these days as he’s not coaching.

He will likely ditch the booze if he returns to the job next year.

He’s not ditching his new girl, however.

Jordon Hudson’s Beauty Pageant Friends Had Some Unflattering Things To Say About Her After Finding Out She Was Dating Bill Belichick

Jordon Hudson in red dress (left) and Bill Belichick in Patriots gear (right)Jordon Hudson and Bill Belichick (Photos via jordon_isabella/IG and Getty Images)
Some of Jordon Hudson’s friends have offered their takes on the former competitive cheerleader getting into a relationship with Bill Belichick.

Belichick’s hookup with a 23-year-old woman, initially reported to be 24 years old, has the internet talking, with many voicing criticism.

The New York Post spoke to two women who are pretty familiar with Jordon, having gotten to know her through pageants.

“I didn’t even know she had a boyfriend — I heard from people she’s kind of all over the place with dating,” a former pageant friend told the publication. “I’m so curious how this happened. He’s old enough to be her grandfather! She’s not shy — wanting the limelight is one thing but dating someone in his 70s is another. I didn’t realize she’d go as far to do that for fame.”

Jordan Hudson finished as the first runner-up for Miss Maine this year and the third runner-up for Miss Massachusetts Teen in 2020.

One Friend Doesn’t Believe Jordon Hudson Met Bill Belichick On A Flight

Another participant, who believes she was planning to break the rules, isn’t buying the “met on a flight” story.

“She is not a pageant girl,” they said. “The rule for Miss USA is you can compete in two states per year. She competed for Maine and she was slated to compete for Alaska [but] she dropped out. I don’t know if it has to do with this news coming out.

“I was shocked – not so much by the age [difference] but I don’t know in what world Bill Belichick would be riding a commercial plane. My guess would be they met on a dating app, maybe Raya, or an upscale dating app.”

Belichick is known to fly commercially, though. He was spotted sitting at a Logan Airpot terminal after celebrating his 72nd birthday last April.

In any case, Jordon’s friends don’t seem too impressed with her new BF.

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