VIDEO: Female Pittsburgh Steelers Reporter Suffers EMBARRASSING Wardrobe MALFUNCTION On CAMERA(O)

Shelby Cassesse with a hand on her chestShelby Cassesse (Photo via @ShelbyCassesse/Twitter)

WPIX reporter Shelby Cassesse made a very embarrassing outfit discovery while on camera this week.

Cassesse covered the Pittsburgh Steelers’ OTAs on Tuesday and had already spent quite some time relaying what she picked up before realizing the shirt she had on was inside out.

Fortunately, she was cool enough to let the internet in on her embarrassing lapse and posted a video showing the moment she found out how much her probable rush to get dressed cost her.

“Nothing knocks you down a peg like realizing your shirt has been inside out the entire day,” she wrote as the caption to her amusing clip. “This was after an interview, a breaking news live shot and a full day of OTAs coverage. Great!”

“I have this shirt on inside out,” she’s heard saying. “All day.”

“You have time. If you want to go,” the cameraman responds, offering to let her go change.

“I mean, you can’t really tell,” she pointed out while looking at her watch.

Check it out below:

“Laughing at our minor mistakes is good for us and everyone else! Your credibility keeps growing!” a fan wrote in response.

“That’s minor,” another wrote. “Try eating a chocolate chip cookie mid morning in the office, losing a chocolate chunk and not being able to find it anywhere. Then you get home, change and realize that it had fallen between your legs and attached itself to the backside, crotch area, of your pants.”

Okay… TMI.

Shelby Cassesse Could Have Easily Gotten Away With This One

Shelby Cassesse could have gone through the rest of her day without anyone noticing her shirt was not on right.

The Floral design made it look normal, and it would be pretty difficult for a fan watching on TV to be able to tell.

Had she not told on herself, no one would ever know. Still, we’re glad she did. 

VIDEO: WWE Star Tiffany Stratton Suffered An Uncensored Wardrobe Malfunction During Live Match

Tiffany Stratton (Photo via @tiffanywwe/Instagram)
Tiffany Stratton badly wishes she could have this moment back after she suffered a wardrobe malfunction during a recent match.

WWE New PLE, the King and Queen of the Ring, will take place in Saudi Arabia this coming weekend on May 25. The male and female tournament finals that have been going on these past few weeks on RAW and SmackDown, respectively, will be shown there.

Tiffany Stratton and Bianca Belair squared off in the quarterfinals of SmackDown this past Friday. The latter emerged victorious and went on to play in the Queen of the Ring event semifinals. But because of one particularly memorable occasion, this particular clash made the most headlines.

Stratton, who gained notoriety in the past for a contentious social media post, is currently in the news after having a wardrobe malfunction during her fight with Belair.

At one point in the bout, Belair attempts a back suplex. She locked her arms around Tiffany Stratton’s waist during this, but she also gripped the bottom of her garment.

As Belair raises her for the suplex, Stratton’s clothing is also raised. Blaire essentially gave Stratton a front wedgie in the end. Stratton was intelligent enough to conceal her privates with her hand so that the camera would not see her, but not everything was covered in time.

After Stratton’s loss, the WWE uploaded a video to its Instagram account. In it, Stratton reacts to her elimination from the tournament. She simply shows her frustration by saying, “I can’t believe I’m not going to be Queen anymore; I’m so. Aghhh!”

She has not responded to her wardrobe malfunction.

WWE has high expectations for her even though she was eliminated from this event. Since joining the main roster, she has emerged as one of the primary characters in SmackDown’s women’s division.

Tiffany Stratton Causes Major Social Media Controversy

Tiffany-Stratton (Photo via Tiffany-Stratton/Instagram)
The WWE Universe has been buzzing since Tiffany Stratton was caught up in a social media controversy. She shared a fan-made video to Instagram Stories, and there was a racially motivated remark toward Jade Cargill.

The soundtrack from a rap battle with Shooney Da Rapper shows footage of Stratton hitting Cargill during the most recent eight-woman tag bout on SmackDown. Contrary to what has been said, Stratton did not record the audio. As heard below, the rapper herself attested to the fact that it was her voice. As soon as the fans reacted, Stratton swiftly removed the message.

Stratton is said to have no internal resentment for what transpired.

According to a report from Pro Wrestling Insider, Stratton is facing no punishment whatsoever for the post.

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