Patrick Mahomes SPEAKS out against fat SHAMERS amid viral ‘DAD BOD’ video(O)

Mahomes is letting his accomplishments speak for themselves

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes finds himself once again in the spotlight, not for his prowess on the football field, but for critiques aimed at his physique. The Super Bowl champion recently faced a barrage of comments online, with some labeling him as “severely out of shape” and even resorting to fat-shaming.

Mahomes, no stranger to scrutiny over his body, has consistently shrugged off such criticisms. Despite sporting what some deem a “dad bod,” Mahomes remains unfazed, asserting that he’s comfortable in his own skin. The quarterback’s nonchalant attitude towards his physique is evident as he addresses the recent uproar over his appearance heading into the Chiefs’ OTAs.

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In a conversation with Pat McAfee on his show, Mahomes expressed his surprise at the continued scrutiny, stating, “It kinda surprised me. I thought we got the whole dad bod thing out of the way last offseason, last season actually in the playoffs. But I guess people still haven’t realized that I don’t have abs.”

Mahomes accepted the critiques about his body

Mahomes acknowledges the attention his body garners, particularly after a shirtless photo of him circulated online during the playoffs. However, he remains steadfast in his self-assurance, asserting that he knows his body better than anyone.

Despite the criticism, Mahomes remains committed to his fitness, promising to “continue to work on that.” He attributes his recent appearance to the fit of his shirt and the presence of a backpack, downplaying concerns about any significant change in his physique.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Mahomes maintains his composure, suggesting that a looser-fitting t-shirt might alleviate future misconceptions about his physique. His calm demeanor in the face of criticism underscores his confidence and resilience.

While Mahomes remains unperturbed by the fat-shaming, the incident prompts a broader conversation about body positivity and the harmful effects of online scrutiny. As a three-time Super Bowl champion and elite athlete, Mahomes is well-equipped to manage his physical well-being, making the criticisms seem trivial in comparison.

VIDEO: Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Finally Breaks His Silence On Teammate Harrison Butker’s Controversial Comments

Patrick Mahomes looking on (left). Harrison Butker watching kick (righ.

Patrick Mahomes and Harrison Butker (Photos via @JaredKCTV5 Twitter and TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images)

11 days later, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has finally broken his silence on the controversy surrounding kicker and teammate Harrison Butker.Many were surprised and disappointed by the lengthy silence of Patrick Mahomes, head

coach Andy Reid and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs organization over Butker’s controversial speech to a graduating class at Benedictine College (in Atchison, Kansas) on May 10.Speaking to graduating students, Butker made homophobic, antisemitic, misogynistic and sexist comments. In his speech, Butker advised the graduating female students to become “homemakers.”

Mahomes told reporters on Wednesday that Butker is “a good person”, though he does disagree with some of the things that were said in the commencement speech, per TMZ:

“I know Harrison. I’ve known Harrison for seven years. I judge him by the character that he shows every single day and that’s a good person…There’s certain things that he said I don’t necessarily agree with but I understand the person that he is. He’s trying

to do whatever he can to lead people in the right direction. Might not be the same values I have but at the same time, I’m going to judge him by the character that he shows every single day and that’s a great person.”

A petition at calls for the Chiefs to release Butker. It currently has 223,000 signatures and aims to reach 300,000.

Based on the comments made by Patrick Mahomes and coach Reid, Butker’s job as Kansas City’s kicker is safe. The soon-to-be 29-year-old has spent his entire career with the Chiefs, which began in 2017.

The Georgia Tech product has won three Super Bowls with Kansas City, making game-winning field goals late in the 2022 AFC Championship Game and Super Bowl 57 vs. the Cincinnati Bengals and Philadelphia Eagles, respectively.

Kansas City will open its 2024 season with a home tilt against the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL Kickoff Game on Sept. 5.Patrick Mahomes Stays Clear Of Further Controversy

Fans and followers of Mahomes know that he generally prefers not to discuss sensitive topics (unlike Aaron Rodgers, for example). The two-time league MVP surely knew that he would eventually have to address the comments, given the silence from Butker and the rest of the organization.

Mahomes made it clear that he disagreed with some of Butker’s comments, but he also defended his teammate and was careful not to add any more fuel to the fire.

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