NFL Fans POUR Their Hearts Out After Michael Strahan SHARES Emotional Family UPDATE-O

Michael Strahan on podiumMichael Strahan (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for The Buoniconti Fund To Cure Paralysis )

Michael Strahan had an emotional Father’s Day this past weekend as he shared an emotional update on his daughter Isabella’s progress amid her battle with cancer.

Isabella, who has been keeping her followers informed as it pertains to her treatment, went through her last round of chemotherapy. The former New York Giants star took to Instagram to post a video of the 20-year-old ringing the bell on Sunday, praising the strength she’s shown throughout the ordeal.

“Isabella, you are a SUPERWOMAN! Ringing that bell finishing chemo and on your way! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾You continue to fight with a smile on your face, strength, and determination. I am one proud Dad! Love you, Bella,” he wrote.

Check it out below:

“She is indeed! Congrats! What a Father’s Day celebration!” one user wrote.

“You’re so strong and courageous,” another said. “When my daughter was going through her battle with brain cancer she used to always say that she had GIRL POWER because it kept her going. But You’re doing an amazing job. You will always have the VICTORY remember that. By the way you and my daughter were diagnosed with the same form of brain cancer and she’s a survivor of 17 years.”

“Congratulations!!!! Can’t wait to ring this bell! God Bless You!” a third remarked.

“Praise God! Keep fighting,” a fourth encouraged.


Michael Strahan’s Daughter Shared A Worrying Update In May

Isabella Strahan, who was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor called medulloblastoma in January, had a worrying update for her fans nearly a month ago as she revealed she was dealing with memory loss.

“I don’t remember Tuesday, ’cause I’m given this drug to protect my hearing and just because I have a reaction to it, they give me Ativan,” she said via her YouTube channel. “And for some reason, this happened last time too, I can’t remember a single thing about that day.

She also admitted being fearful of the possibility of having to take different treatments for the rest of her life.

“I’m kind of scared like once I’m done, how am I going to go back to normal life ’cause I feel like there’s always going to be another treatment or something that I have to do, [but] otherwise I’m good,” she continued.

Thankfully, Isabella has been able to successfully go through one of the most important phases of her recovery.

Michael Strahan’s 2001 Sack Record Is Being Called Into Question On Social Media After Sketchy Video Evidence Surfaces Online

Michael Strahan and the New York Giants line up on defense against the Dallas Cowboys.Michael Strahan’s New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys (Photo via @_MLFootball/Twitter)
Michael Strahan is one of the most notable names in sports and TV history. His NFL record for sacks in a season has stood since it was set at 22.5 in 2001. The record has only ever been tied by Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end TJ Watt.

While the record may stand, some recent questioning of the long-held record has occurred after a video clip of one of Strahan’s sacks from the 2001 season went viral. It may not have been a sack, but it was called a sack at the time.

In an X post by MLFootball, the clip shows Strahan apparently making the tackle at the 43.5-yard line after the ball is snapped at the 44-yard line. This was in a week eight game against the Dallas Cowboys, and fans are now adamant that it is not a sack.

Michael Strahan Should Not Hold The NFL’s Single-Season Sack Record

This comes after recent evidence suggests that the NFL may have cheated the aforementioned Steeler Pro Bowl defensive end TJ Watt out of the record after they refused to credit the All-pro for a sack against the Baltimore Ravens in 2021.

While the record may technically not yet be broken, some NFL fans already consider Watt the NFL’s single season sacks leader after the debackle. Strahan’s record still stands along with his 141.5 sacks throughout his 15-year NFL career.

Watt currently sits at 96.5 career sacks, making it a real possibility that the current NFL super star may just get the last laugh when it comes to the all-time career sacks. Strahan currently sits in sixth place on the all-time sacks list.

We can only hope that TJ Watt remains healthy long enough to break that record in the NFL’s eyes and possibly many others along the way, but as it stands, the NFL unfortunately leans Strahan’s way in this case.

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