NFL Fans DESTROY Kelly Stafford After She Makes Widely Misplaced APOLOGY For REVEALING She SL3PT With Her Husband’s Backup QB During College-O

Matthew and Kelly Stafford posing togetherMatthew and Kelly Stafford (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Fans are crushing Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly Stafford, following her apology for the can of worms she opened last week.

Kelly appeared on a podcast where she revealed having cheated on Matthew with his backup quarterback while they were at Georgia together.

Naturally, fans quickly got down to the business of speculating over who that backup quarterback might be. Joe Cox was the prime suspect, though he was cleared shortly after. Other fans pointed to third-string QB Logan Gray, given that Cox was already with the woman he ended up marrying, who was also friends with Kelly.

Still, his name kept doing the rounds.

Kelly has since taken to Instagram to apologize to Cox and his family.

“To this beautiful fam,” she began. “I am sorry for the media storm that happened last week that made its way into your lives. 

“You had ZERO involvement in what I spoke about and in fact, it was y’alls relationship in college that I looked up to and wanted for me and Matthew. You were the couple that everyone thinks Matthew and I was.. y’all were the UGA QB and cheerleader that met and never let go. I love y’all.”


Fans Don’t Care For Kelly Stafford’s Apology

Fans are all pointing out that Kelly Stafford apologized to the wrong person.

“She should be apologizing to her husband😭😭😭😭😭,” one wrote.

Another wrote, “Call me crazy…. But  i’m not sure that’s the person she really needs to be apologizing to 🤔. Fellas… Choose wisely🤦🏼‍♂️.”

“She really must not like Matthew, how do you apologize to a guy and it NOT be your husband,” wrote a third.

While Kelly probably apologized to Matthew in private, she embarrassed him in public, and that’s where she should apologize.

PHOTO: Matthew Stafford’s Wife Set The Internet Ablaze With Her Sultry “Thirst Trap” Post On Social Media

Matthew and Kelly Stafford kiss after the Super BowlMatthew and Kelly Stafford (Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images)
Kelly Stafford, the wife of NFL quarterback Matthew Stafford, has presented her followers with some top content in recent times, taking to Instagram to post a “thirst trap” photo of herself in a swimsuit.

The mother of four was having a bit of fun on her holiday and decided to share a snap showing her off in a sultry pose while out on a boat trip with her husband, as well as Matt Ryan and his family.

“You’re welcome for this mom thirst trap 🤣,” she wrote as the caption. “Reminder: laugh at yourself.”

Check it out right below:

“Mama of 4, 3 girls… and this is a huge lesson I want them to learn and always remember… be able to laugh at yourself,” a user wrote in the comments.

“Looks quite awkward 🤣,” another wrote.

“Sheesh Matt the real mvp. More of this content less Taylor/kelce LOLLLL,” one comment read.

“Sports illustrated should be calling!!!” a fan declared.

“Brb building a time machine and dedicating all my effort to being an SEC quarterback,” joked another.

Matthew Stafford Is Enjoying What’s left Of the Offseason

Matthew Stafford met Kelly while they attended college. The former was, of course, a quarterback for the University of Georgia; Kelly was a cheerleader.

They are enjoying what’s left of the offseason as Matthew will soon begin making preparations to mount another challenge at the NFC.

The quarterback fired the Rams to a Super Bowl win in 2022 and showed top form at times last season after missing out on the postseason the previous year. He was booted out of the playoffs by his old team, the Detroit Lions, in the Wild Card round last term.

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