NFL Fans Are PRAYING For Pat McAfee Following His HEARTBREAKING Family Announcement-O

Pat McAfee on his podcast showPat McAfee (Photo via PatMcAfeeShow/Twitter)

Pat McAfee is receiving a ton of prayers this week.

Pat McAfee revealed that he missed Monday’s episode of WWE Raw following an unexpected death in his family.

McAfee announced that his father-in-law had suddenly passed away. He would address the situation on his television show with a monologue in memory of his wife’s father, Bob.

The ESPN star revealed that his wife’s father was in the hospital last week with an infection, but things were looking good as he started to improve. Unfortunately, things went south, and he tragically passed away on Monday.

He received that heartbreaking phone call from his wife “to get to the hospital because there had been an emergency.”

“Yesterday was obviously a day that will be remembered forever in our family,” Mcafee started. “My father-in-law passed away unexpectedly after the show ended yesterday at a hospital here in Indianapolis, Indiana. He had been in the hospital fighting an infection, and on Friday, we were told that he was probably going to be discharged by Sunday – they had figured it out, and he was going to be okay. So we were all in high hopes with incredible optimism.”

“Then yesterday, literally as the show is ending, my wife calls me to tell me I have to get to the hospital because there had been an emergency. So I head over there and what my wife and her mom and her aunt and everybody in her family saw go on was her dad being a [expletive] and trying to kick [expletive] and inevitably losing his fight in this particular day.”

Fans sent their prayers to McAfee:

Pat McAfee, who married his wife, Samantha, continued on about his wife, “Whenever something blindsides an entire family like that, obviously it can be wildly devastating. My wife is a daddy’s girl. She actually has a bear tattooed on her because she calls her dad Papa Bear. She has her dad’s quotes all over her.


“So, last night was obviously a very difficult night for our family. It was a nice reminder — thankfully, my wife and her mom, the last things they said to her dad, Bob, who was a great man, was ‘I love you’ — and I think this was a nice piece of perspective and a nice moment to tell your people you love them. You literally have no idea what’s going to come. It can literally be the last time you see somebody any time that you see them.”

Pat McAfee Remains Unsigned With ESPN’s ‘College GameDay’

Pat McAfee has become a fixture for ESPN’s flagship college football program, but his return remains unknown.

The popular college football show College GameDay on ESPN is anticipated to undergo changes this year with the addition of former Alabama coach Nick Saban.

However, the New York Times reported that Pat McAfee has not yet signed his contract to appear on the show this season.

During The Paul Finebaum Show, a caller asked if he thought McAfee would return, and he said he wasn’t sure.

“I truly don’t know a definitive answer,” Finebaum said. “My guess is he will, yeah. First of all, never believe the media when it comes to television personalities.”

McAfee first appeared on the show in 2019 but wasn’t promoted to a full-time role until 2022.

REPORT: The Pat McAfee Show Broke NFL Rules During The 2024 NFL Draft: ‘F— ’em!’

Pat McAfee on his ESPN showPat McAfee (Photo via Pat McAfee/YouTube)
While the NFL advises broadcasters not to reveal picks while covering the NFL draft, Pat McAfee is never one to follow the rules.

Since tips are sometimes spoiled on social media, the NFL instructs its broadcasting partners not to reveal picks during the NFL Draft. ESPN and the NFL Network generally abide by this regulation.

On Thursday night, during Pat McAfee’s NFL Draft show, a number of picks were tipped. The YouTube-ESPN+ feed featured his show’s tipped picks.

With the news that Miami would get the No. 21 overall pick, McAfee’s ‘The Pat McAfee Show Draft Spectacular’ declared right away that he would guess the Dolphins’ selection, and his co-hosts then gave the audience some hints that pointed to Penn State edge rusher Chop Robinson.

Even former New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, who was a guest on McAfee’s show only for draft night, said Robinson’s name.


As for head coach Bill Belichick, he received plenty of solid reviews for his presence on Pat McAfee’s show. Seeing him in a different light was nice since the 72-year-old will enter the 2024 season without a coaching job.

Pat McAfee’s ESPN Deal Worth $85 Million

Pat McAfee (Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)
ESPN’s decision to sign McAfee was the most significant sports media news of the 2023 year.

The popular and charismatic sports analyst has ascended to incredible heights in such a short amount of time since being retired from the NFL.

McAfee’s contract is worth $85 million over five years, a perceived pay cut from the four-year deal at FanDuel that was worth $120 million, according to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post.

McAfee also maintained exclusive creative control over the material for his show thanks to his new contract with ESPN. ESPN has 230 fully produced shows a year to promote, and McAfee’s show will be seen by even more people thanks to ESPN’s higher viewership than FanDuel.

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