Jason Kelce steals the SHOW with a stellar answer on JEOPARDY !(O)

Jason Kelce steals the show with a stellar answer on jeopardy !

A few months after retiring from the NFL, Jason Kelce, the older brother of Travis Kelce, remains very active in various side projects. On Wednesday night, the legendary center added another unique experience to his list. Kelce appeared on the latest episode of Jeopardy!,

where he read an entire category of questions in pre-recorded videos. The category was titled “The World Revolves Around Jason Kelce.”

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Kelce’s most significant achievement came in the 2017 season when he helped lead the Eagles to their first Super Bowl victory. His performance in Super Bowl LII, where the Eagles defeated the New England Patriots, was nothing short of spectacular. Kelce’s iconic post-

game speech during the victory parade, dressed in a Mummers costume, became a symbol of the team’s underdog spirit and Philadelphia’s blue-collar identity.

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He regularly participates in charitable events and community outreach programs, using his platform to make a positive impact. Kelce’s dedication to both his sport and his city exemplifies what it means to be a professional athlete.

Also Kelce signed a multi-year agreement that will see Jason join “Monday Night Countdown,” providing analysis in the buildup to “Monday Night Football” games. He will also be a part of ESPN’s coverage of the wild card and divisional round playoff games, as well as the Super Bowl. His first Super Bowl with ESPN will be Super Bowl LXI in Los Angeles.

Kylie and Jason Kelce go full Marie Kondo: Transform their garage into a family haven

Jason and Kylie Kelce teamed up to organize their garage.

Jason and Kylie Kelce have tackled a major home project that many can relate to: the chaotic garage. The former Philadelphia Eagles player and his wife have revealed their newly organized garage, a significant transformation from what Jason once dubbed the “Kelce landfill.”

The couple turned their cluttered garage into a functional space perfect for their family of five, according to reporting from People magazine. Jason and Kylie are parents to daughters Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 2, and Bennett, 11 months.

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“The garage was unusable, just a dumping ground for anything and everything,” Kylie explained. “We knew we had to get it in shape before summer so we could easily find our essentials, like beach toys and sports equipment.”

Jason echoed his wife’s sentiments, describing the garage’s former state. “It was essentially a Kelce landfill. You’d open the door, throw something in, and close it. We could never find anything, but now it’s an actual functional space.”

Kylie led the reorganization efforts

In the Kelce household, Kylie takes the lead on organization. “Kylie is way more organized than me,” Jason admitted. “She tells me what to do, and I just follow her instructions.” Despite her modesty, Kylie credits the experts at The Container Store for their assistance, though she acknowledges she’s slightly more organized than Jason. “By a very slim margin,” she joked.

The transformation has been a hit with their children. “The kids love having the extra space and being able to easily access all of their bikes and toys,”Kylie said. “With beach season coming up, even their sand toys have a home in the new setup.”

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The primary challenge in their garage makeover was simply knowing where to start. “The process was overwhelming because there was no organization to begin with,” the former Eagles’ star shared. They also had to make tough decisions about sentimental items, including “13 years of jerseys, helmets, and cleats that needed homes.”

The Kelces had some outside help


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The couple utilized the Elfa system from The Container Store, which they credit for making the overhaul manageable. “Without these products, we wouldn’t feel as good about our garage right now,” Kylie said. “The quality is amazing – the bins are heavy-duty, and everything feels sturdy, which is exactly what we need.”

Thanks to their efforts, the Kelce family’s garage is now a model of organization, proving that even the most daunting projects can be tackled with the right tools and a little teamwork.

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