Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel Had A Special WARNING For His Players Following Harrison Butker’s CONTROVERSIAL Comments(O)

Mike McDaniel speaking to reporters (left). Harrison Butker looking on after kick (right).
Mike McDaniel and Harrison Butker (Photos via @AdamHBeasley Twitter and Harry How/Getty Images

Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel had the perfect message for his players following a reporter’s question about Harrison Butker.Harrison Butker made headlines on May 11 when he gave a commencement speech to students at Benedictine

College in Atchison, Kansas. The Kansas City Chiefs’ kicker made homophobic, antisemitic and sexist remarks that received plenty of media coverage and widespread criticism.During his speech, Butker encouraged the graduating female students to

become “homemakers.” An online petition at calling for the Chiefs to release the veteran kicker already has over 224,000 signatures.McDaniel was asked about Butker’s comments during a press conference with reporters on Wednesday. The third-year head coach offered the perfect response that his players will want to take to heart:“You do have to open the eyes of the players to their platform if they’re new to the situation. I think you have to understand what you say…can be fragmented and last with you forever…I really emphasize whatever you’re going to say, you better believe it…(Players) have the freedom of choice, and if they want to go that direction, go right ahead. I’ll be over here hanging out with you guys.”

McDaniel’s message should be an eye-opener to players across the NFL. New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers likes to stir the pot with his endorsements of baseless conspiracy theories and misinformation, then expresses confusion over the backlash that comes his way.

Butker still hasn’t addressed the growing criticism he’s received over the past 12 days. At this point, it looks like he’s just going to continue his business as if nothing ever happened in the first place.

Harrison Butker Unlikely To Be Reprimanded By Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs’ organization waited nearly two weeks to address Harrison Butker’s comments. Finally, quarterback Patrick Mahomes and head coach Andy Reid did so when speaking to reporters on Wednesday.

Mahomes emphasized that he didn’t agree with some of Butker’s comments, but that the three-time Super Bowl champion is “a good person.” Reid kept it simple by stating that freedom of speech is what makes America a wonderful country.

Going by the comments from Mahomes and Reid, it looks like Butker will not be reprimanded in any way. The team will presumably move forward and continue getting ready for the start of their Super Bowl defense. First up is a home tilt on September 5 against the Baltimore Ravens.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Scores A Rare W By Delivering The Perfect Response To Question About Chiefs Kicker Harrison Butker

Roger Goodell looking on (left). Harrison Butker speaking (right).

Roger Goodell and Harrison Butker (Photos via Ethan Miller/Getty Images and Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell doesn’t exactly have a great history of addressing sensitive topics and controversy to the media, but he scored a rare victory with his statement on comments made by Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker.The 28-year-old kicker made headlines on May 11 when he delivered a controversial commencement speech to graduating students at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. Harrison Butker made homophobic, antisemitic, sexist and misogynistic remarks and encouraged the women in the graduating class to become “homemakers.”

Many were outraged over the silence by Goodell and the Chiefs organization on Butker’s comments. Per NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, the commissioner finally addressed them and opted to stay neutral on the topic:

“We have over 3,000 players. We have executives around the league. They have diversity of opinions and thoughts just like America does. That’s something we treasure.”

Pelissero also noted that Goodell deferred to the league’s previous statement on Butker’s comments, shared by NFL Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity and Inclusion officer Jonathan Beane last week. Beane told People that the league does not share Butker’s views.


As the NFL Commissioner, Goodell isn’t in the best spot to share his opinion on what Butker stated in the commencement speech. Harrison Butker certainly isn’t the only NFL player, coach or staffer to have those beliefs, so Goodell had no choice but to avoid adding more fuel to the saga.

Harrison Butker Likely Won’t Be Reprimanded For His Comments

Butker certainly isn’t the first (nor will he be the last) NFL player to express controversial and offensive comments that caused public backlash. But whether fans like it or not, it’s evident that he won’t be reprimanded for his comments.

Both Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid emphasized that Butler has his freedom of speech. If the Chiefs were that disturbed and unhappy with Butker’s comments, he would have been fined or outright released by now.

Kansas City has employed Butker since his 2017 rookie season. He’s been a key member of their three Super Bowl championship teams, so it’s not surprising that they’re opting to deal with the public backlash and keeping him on their roster.

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