Barstool Owner Dave Portnoy Makes His FEELINGS Clear On Bill Belichick DATING A Woman Who’s NEARLY 50 Years YOUNGER Than Him-O

Dave Portnoy smiling (left) and Bill Belichick scowling (right)Dave Portnoy and Bill Belichick (Photos via Getty Images)

Barstool Sports owner Dave Portnoy has made his feelings clear on former New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick dating a woman who’s 48 years younger than him.

Belichick, 72, is in a relationship with 24-year-old cheerleader Jordon Hudson. TMZ broke the story of their coupling after the iconic coach attended Tom Brady’s Hall of Fame induction with her as a plus-one.

The eight-time Super Bowl winner has been the subject of rife criticism, given the age difference between himself and his novel love interest. However, Portnoy doesn’t understand why it’s a problem.

“It’s a big gap. You guys have problems with age gaps,” he said on the ‘BFF’ podcast on Wednesday (H/T the New York Post). “That’s fine, I don’t judge.”

“They met naturally over homework on a plane,” he added, delving into the report on the way Bill met his new girl.

The two are said to have met on a flight out of Boston in 2021, bonding over Hudson’s school project. They kept in touch and became an item shortly after the former Pats coach split from longtime girlfriend Linda Holliday.


Dave Portnoy Is Hoping To Run Into Bill Belichick And His New GF

Portnoy pointed out he could run into Bill and Jordon in Massachusetts. They were all at Brady’s ceremony, after all.

While Bill Belichick’s relationship was low-profile for several months – possibly longer – his former players were well aware of it. Rob Gronkowski joked about it during Brady’s Netflix roast in early May.

Brady also joked about the Ring recording that surfaced online showing his ex-coach sneaking out of a house without a shirt on.

It’s since been revealed that Bill was exiting his new GF’s residence.

New Report Reveals Whose House A Shirtless Bill Belichick Was Caught Sneaking Out Of

Bill Belichick ring imageBill Belichick (Photo via @BabzOnTheMic/X)
Bill Belichick has been in the news a lot lately.

The former New England Patriots head coach’s relationship with a 24-year-old ex-cheerleader was recently exposed, although he wasn’t exactly trying to hide it as she was a plus-one when she attended Tom Brady’s Pats Hall of Fame induction ceremony last week.

Back in November, Ring camera footage of a shirtless Belichick making an early-morning walk of shame surfaced online. If you haven’t seen it, check it out below.

According to the Daily Mail, the 72-year-old was leaving the residence of his new GF, Jordon Hudson.

TMZ, who broke the story identifying Hudson, cites a source who revealed they met on a flight out of Boston in 2021 and bonded over a chat about her philosophy project. Belichick is said to have signed his autograph in her ‘Deductive Logic’ textbook before they parted ways.

“Jordon, Thanks for giving me a course on logic! Safe travels!” he reportedly wrote before signing his name.

The two kept in touch after their airplane meeting and are understood to have become more than friends after he split up with his longtime girlfriend, Linda Holliday, last year.

Bill Belichick’s New Relationship Came Up During Tom Brady’s Roast

Bill Belichick participated in Tom Brady’s roast in May, and his relationship came up at one point. We just never realized.

Former NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski told Bill he was obsessed with Foxborough High School because he was scouting his girlfriend, prompting laughter from those who knew about her.

It only makes sense now…

Brady also joked about the Ring footage when it was his time to speak.

“Everybody asks me which ring is my favorite, I used to say ‘the next one.’ But now that I am retired, my favorite Ring is the camera that caught Coach Belichick slinking out of that poor girl’s house a few months ago. Hey, you still go it. Respect baby,” he said.

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