REPORT: Taylor Swift “Wasn’t Happy” With The “Nasty” Things Brittany Mahomes Said About Her In Old Resurfaced Tweets.k

REPORT: Taylor Swift “Wasn’t Happy” With The “Nasty” Things Brittany Mahomes Said About Her In Old Resurfaced Tweets

Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift

Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift set social media ablaze when they were seen cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs in a suite at Arrowhead Stadium. They even went as far as to come up with their own dance and handshake.

The two became such good pals as Brittany is married to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Taylor is dating Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Around the time their friendship started to blossom, Mahomes was being slammed for deleting old Tweets where she bashed the “Love Story” singer Taylor Swift for her music.

One user screenshotted the Tweets before she deleted them, and shared them to social media demanding an apology from Brittany.

“You know what would be a lot more meaningful than Brittany Mahomes deleted her Taylor hate Tweets? Brittany making a public apology to Jackson [Mahomes]’s SA victim for trying to silence her,” the fan wrote alongside the deleted Tweets from Brittany.

Fast forward to after the season and we are now getting Swift’s reaction to those tweets.

“Taylor wasn’t happy,” reveals a source. “She’s used to people saying nasty things about her, but this was someone she’s welcomed into her squad.”

Life & Style’s source further added that Swift was mortified by the resurfaced tweets and quickly deleted them. Luckily, Brittany explained she was just a teenager at the time and they let the situation go.

“Brittany explained to Taylor that she was just a stupid teenager and how sorry she was,” the source says. “Taylor was very understanding and decided to just let bygones be bygones.”

The report also added that her having a sour relationship with the wife of the quarterback who is best friends with her boyfriend wouldn’t be a good idea.

“Travis and Patrick are very tight,” notes the source, “and Taylor’s not going to do anything that would put Travis in an awkward spot.”

The Chiefs are fresh off winning the Super Bowl for the second-straight season.

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