Matthew Stafford’s Wife Kelly Stafford throws shade at Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift during SHOCKING rant has attracted millions of eyes. Most DISAGREE with her as they see it as hate.k

Matthew Stafford’s Wife Kelly Stafford Throws Shade At Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift During Shocking Rant

Photos of Matthew Stafford and Kelly Stafford celebrating and photo of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift kissing

Matthew Stafford and Kelly Stafford, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (Photo via Getty Images)
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have received some shade from an unlikely source, with Kelly Stafford, the wife of Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, throwing some criticism their way.

Swift and Kelce are by far the most discussed couple in both sports and entertainment right now, with the pop star hooking up with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end last season. The pairing has been great for the Chiefs and the NFL, as the league has attracted millions of new eyes on the strength of the relationship alone.

Swift, 34, has dominated NFL coverage ever since the cat got out the bag, and Kelly Stafford has spoken for many football fans as she’s said she’s tired of it. Of course, most disagree with her as they see it as hate.

I don’t know if I want to see another 4 months of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce coverage,” Stafford was quoted as saying by Starcade Media.

This is the 3peat year, so you might as well kick back and get comfortable,” one fan wrote in response. “Otherwise, gonna be a miserable 7 months for you. Tell you what; how bout we let Detroit lose to the Chiefs in the SB this year? Better??

Another wrote, “That’s OK sweetheart, at least your season is pretty short and you don’t have to worry about it for too long.


You can see some more reactions here:

Kelly Stafford Is Likely To Be Sorely Disappointed

Kelly Stafford is unlikely to get her wish. All eyes will be on the Chiefs in 2024 as they will be chasing an unprecedented three-peat after winning a second successive championship in February.

Barring a shocking breakup, Taylor Swift will join them for the ride and is expected to continue attending games whenever possible.

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