Jason Whitlock And Michelle Beadle Engage In Heated Argument Over Harrison Butker’s Comments.K

Jason Whitlock And Michelle Beadle Engage In Heated Argument Over Harrison Butker’s Comments

Photos of Jason Whitlock, Harrison Butker, and Michelle Beadle

Jason Whitlock, Harrison Butker, and Michelle Beadle (Photos via Jason Whitlock/YouTube & Getty Images)
Jason Whitlock vs. Stephen A. Smith is getting old. Enter Jason Whitlock vs. Michelle Beadle.

Whitlock and Beadle have gone at each other in a recent back-and-forth stemming from Harrison Butker’s comments on women.

Beadle is among those who have taken issue with Butker telling women to focus on being homemakers and had a strong message for the Kansas City Chiefs kicker, telling him to “go F- yourself.”

“As a woman, I think everything he said was garbage,” she said. “But I think the fact that there were women in that audience that were not OK. I mean, granted, there were some that clearly were.

“But there also some that weren’t that have come out and since and been like, ‘What the hell, dude? We just worked our A- off for years, and you’re gonna come in here and tell us that’s all cute and stuff, but what you’re really gonna want to do is get married and have babies. Then you’ll feel important.’ 

“Like, go F- yourself. And by the way, it’s also my freedom of speech to say go F-yourself, Harrison Butker. That’s my freedom. I’m not gonna lose my job. And he should also have the right.” 

Whitlock responded to Beadle’s outburst during his show on Friday

, also tweeting the following:

“I used to really like Michelle Beadle. I used to love her energy, her spirit. This angry, bitter, and confused person that she’s become isn’t who she was 12 years ago. I blame social media for doing this to her.” 

Michelle Beadle Fires Back At Jason Whitlock

Beadle fired back via Twitter/X, insisting Whitlock never knew her, but everyone knew him and made sure to steer clear.

“Sir, you didn’t know me 12 years ago. But we all knew you. And we’ve all made damn sure to distance ourselves from you since,” she wrote. “It’s why when your walls continue to cave in, you remain on an island. A sad, pandering island. So please…save the ‘angry , bitter’ stuff for someone else. Anyone who actually knows me, knows better. Best of luck with the grift…we all have bills I suppose.” 

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